Ideas for the Future

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I have some amazing ideas on where I want to take this blog, and I want to include a lot of you in on this! First of all, I wanted to take a minute and thank you from my bottom of my heart. My introduction post was a complete success because of your love and support for me. I want to share what I have a passion for; helping others grow their channels and helping to educate them more on streaming. I will be writing on a weekly basis and I hope to publish the blog each Thursday morning (‘Merica time) . We will be getting into the “meat and potatoes” of everything next week, since we just went live few days ago. I didn’t want you to go 1.5 weeks without something being posted.

What I have planned for this blog, as of right now, is going through all the parts of streaming, from comparing OBS to X-Split, talking about proper lighting for green screens, how to handle trolls, getting & making overlays, setting up an optimized stream through OBS/X-Split depending on your internet, etc. I will be having interviews with specific streamers (I’ll be contacting you all shortly) who stream mostly creative & music, people with poor internet, along with people who code the bots (not view bots of course) to better assist them in their streams.

I want to hear from you on specific questions you may have about streaming or products about streaming. I also want to know what setup you use for your streams (OBS/XSplit, MooBot/AnkhBot/Deepbot) and send me a screenshot of what you have on your 2nd monitor while you stream. I’d love to see how you set everything up. If I use your image in my blog I’ll make sure all your personal information will be blurred out. Please send your screenshots and information to

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Never miss another blog post again! Click here, to be emailed when a new blog is released!