The Dawning of a New Streamer

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Can you remember the very first stream you ever watched? I know I will always remember mine! It all started about a year and a half ago when W1ndex, my husband, told me about this 'streaming' thing he found online. My initial thought was why would I want to watch other people play video games if I could just play them myself? That is just silly. So he picked a random game that was being streamed, which just so happened to be DayZ, and sent me the link to the top streamer at the time, xSmak

I remember it so well, it was around the time of PAX Prime and xSmak just hit his 1,000 subscriber milestone. There were 1,400+ people in his chat, the sub and donation/tip trains were coming in so fast that xSmak couldn't read and thank the people fast enough! I was hooked at that very moment. The energy, positive chat, gratitude and the fun everyone was having, it was mesmerizing! It was at that moment when I realized it was not about the game, but about the entertainment that came from the streamer and the chat coming together in perfect harmony.

August 18th, 2014 was the day that I hit that "Start Stream" button for the very first time. I was so nervous I was making myself sick to my stomach. I chose to stream, League of Legends, a game I was very good at playing at that time. Absolutely no one came into my stream the entire night. I remember thinking, what am I doing wrong? I felt like a complete failure because I thought streaming would bring me instant success! How did xSmak have so many viewers and I didn't even have one!

I told myself I would keep streaming for two weeks to give it a fair chance. Still no one showed up, it was rather pathetic. I remember crying after one of my streams because I just couldn't get a handle on this 'streaming thing' and was watching all my new dreams shatter right before my very eyes.

W1ndex gave me some of the best advice that I use to this day, he said to watch more of my favorite streamers and see what they do and try to mimic that because obviously it's working for them. I watched xSmak play DayZ almost religiously. I got to know most of the regulars in his chat, and I was able to ask him several questions about streaming, about himself, and he would actually answer them. Yes, I completely "fangirled" when he would say hi to me or answer one of my questions on stream. I took notes on everything he did or said on his stream along with buying DayZ so I could stream it also.

After about a month of streaming I had a small handful of followers and about 2-4 constant viewers; which were mostly friends I made in xSmak chat. I'm proud to say that some of these people I'm still friends with today! (Expi, Malicee, H0logram, Ghosted2014, etc) A few of the big lessons I learned from watching these streamers that I looked up to was that streaming isn't a race, it's a marathon. If you're going to do this prepare for the long haul, it could be six months, it could be three years, or it might not happen. The most important thing that I learned from watching other streamers is that you need to be true to yourself, don't pretend to be someone else because people can see right through that.

Let me know below if you remember who you watched as your first stream, or tell me what game you played on your first stream, or tell me who motivated you to stream or maybe to keep on streaming. I want to know your story!

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