How are you being profiled?

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Even though every streamer technically is doing the same thing by playing video games, everyone has their own unique flair and personality, that is what makes everyone so different.

One of my favorite parts of twitch is seeing how each person chooses to individualize themselves on their profile. Your profile is the one thing you have to truly grab someone's attention if you are offline. Your profile should be an extension of your own personality and it should match your overlays and it should be "you". In other words ‘don’t be fake’. Now you may be asking what exactly is my profile? Your profile is everything that's on your main twitch page. This includes your profile banners, the text that describes yourself, and anything and everything else that you care to share or show. Take a quick look at what mine looks like here.

The biggest money maker on Twitch are people that can make banners, overlays and emotes because most people don't know how to use Photoshop, and that's okay, it can be expensive and very overwhelming. Next week I'm going to try and explain to you guys how you can make your very own overlay using a free program online I'll even give you some templates for you to play around with and customize for your very own, but for now let’s discuss creating your profile.

Banners are rectangle-ish images that needs to be 320px wide and as many pixels tall as needed. You can use as many or as little banners/sections, as you want. Most people will start off with the bare minimum which would be just a Welcome! banner. I personally use Welcome, System/PC, Friends, Chat Rules, Tips, Schedule, Giveaways, and Thank You. I always suggest that you get as many of these banners done all at once and then just use what you need. You can always add in the banners later on if you don’t need them now.

The ‘Welcome’ section is one of of the most important sections of your profile because in this area you portraying who you are, and what games you typically enjoy to play. A lot of streamers will also link up other accounts here such as Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, and/or their e-mail.

The System Banner would be important to your viewers as most of them at some point would be curious about how powerful your computer is and instead of verbally telling them on a daily basis you can just direct them to your ‘System’ banner below. I would suggest that you post everything from what mouse and keyboard you use, to all the parts in your computer; processor, CPU cooler, motherboard, video card, memory, hard drive, power supply, tower case, webcam, headset, mic, and any other unique gaming equipment you may use.

The ‘Friends’ section is important because this is where you get to show off all the other streamers that you support and care about. For example in my friends section I am proudly promoting Phonic88, MagikTheGamer, Malicee, MeGoesMoo, GamingDaddies, Expi_GolaHole314, and AutumnDoll. By each of these people I have a small ‘blurb’ about what games they play and why you should follow them or check them out.

The 'Chat Rules' are very important in my stream as it gives my mods a sense of direction in how I want my channel to go. Since you cannot state every single rule and there will always be that one exception for that one person, the 'Chat Rules' section are more like guidelines. Here are a few examples of some rules: Don’t be creepy, respect everyone, don’t argue with the mods, don’t post links in the chat, don’t talk about drugs/politics, don’t ask to be a moderator, follow the Twitch TOS, and lastly use common sense.

The ‘Tips’ section is where you would want to link your Twitch Alerts, Stream Tip , or whatever program you are using for your donations/tips. If you are taking tips and you are currently residing in the USA, I HIGHLY recommend that you use the word “Tips” and not “Donations” as donations are for non-profit charities. You will need to have the proper tax documentation and have to claim the money at tax time. This can all be avoided by using the word “Tips” as these are given freely as a sign of gratitude from the viewer to you, just as you would tip your waitress/waiter at a restaurant, or your barista at Starbucks. If you live outside of the United States, please look into your tax rules and regulations as each country can be different.

The ‘Schedule’ banner is probably one of the most controversial areas of the profile section as streamers will either follow their schedules, stream leisurely, or stream whenever they feel like it. Each one of these has it’s perks/downfalls, as the schedule is nice for keeping your regulars around as they will fit you into their daily routine because they can count on knowing exactly when you start and stop. However the downside to this is if you have extra time and want to start early you might not have all your regulars in there as they are not used to you starting early. On the other hand it might be a good way to bring in new viewers to your stream. The good point of streaming whenever you want is that you can stream whenever you want. However the downside is that your regulars might be at work, or school, or eating dinner, so it’s hard to keep ‘regulars’ around as there is no set time for you to go live.

If you plan on doing any sort of giveaway I highly recommend that you have a ‘Giveaway’ section as you want to make sure you let everyone know all the “fine print”. You can copy and paste this directly into your section if you want; “NOTE: All giveaways are personal, Twitch does not endorse or is in no way affiliated with any giveaways done throughout the live stream. Winners must meet Twitch Terms of Service requirements in order to participate.” If you want to add something else above or below that you can, such as all winners have 24 hours to contact me or anything else you may need to explain.

The ‘Thank You’ section is very important as this is where you can give a little bit back to the community and to other people who have helped you out. You can thank the people who created your banners, your twitch alert music, your overlays, your chat and viewers for spending time with you.

I know most people might know all of this already but there might be one point that you didn’t think of or maybe you might have forgotten about. Next week I’ll be helping you put together your own overlays, so save your money, and learn how to do this yourself with some help from Kitty.

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