Overlays Don't Need To Be Overwhelming

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As a streamer your overlay can be one of the most important tools you can use to individualize yourself. However, there must be a balance of good information vs worthless information as to not to overwhelm your viewers and make the overlay look crowded. There are several different styles of overlays that you can have from extremely simple to extremely elegant to absolutely nothing to a optimized overlay to help if you have a poor internet connection. There are so many details that go into making even the most simplest of overlays which is why most everyone uses Photoshop or a form of Photoshop to create these artistic images because it needs to be done in something called layers. I'll explain this all to you later on down below. In fact how about I explain to you how to create your own overlay and I'll even give you guys some examples and a free online program so you can do this yourself. Buying an overlay from another person can be very expensive but it can also look very professional, so let's learn how to do this yourself and save a couple of dollars.

You can use several different programs such as Gimp (a free downloadable program similar to photoshop) however today I will explain how to do this by using or a similar online Photoshop Editor. The reasoning for this is because some people prefer to work online and not have to download anything and some people prefer to work offline anytime they want. The directions on how to do this should be very similar so it shouldn’t be too hard to work with one program over the other. Let’s start with the online version.

Once you are done completing your new overlay by following the directions listed in the link above I challenge you to change it up and make it more to your fitting! Post a .jpg image in the comments showing me what you created! Here is another template that you can use. Feel free to change colors, add in your Twitter, Facebook, Youtube information in the top bar. Follower information at the bottom or whatever you want and use this overlay! If you want to get REALLY fancy you can make an overlay that changes colors as you stream! Check out how to do it here!

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Never miss another blog post again! Click here, to be emailed when a new blog is released!