Life Saving Alerts: Help I’ve fallen and can’t get up!

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Let’s face it, we are all streamers doing the same thing. The main thing that sets us apart is our personalities and alerts for the stream. I know I LOVE watching a few streamers purely for these reasons; because of the high energy, because of how they rage, or because I love their host and/or tip alerts. There are several different Notification/Alert Programs available to the twitch community some of the biggest ones would be Twitch Alerts, TNotifier and NightDev. Each program has it’s perks and downfalls.

One of the most widely used notification programs among newer streamers is called Twitch Alerts. This is a FREE and very easy to use web based program. You can capture these alerts via a window capture that is easily keyed out (green screened) or via the CLR Browser plugin. One of the best reasons why I still use Twitch Alerts is that everything is all together in one nice little package. It’s very easy to switch between images/sounds if you change your alerts often (example: scare alerts). Also, since we are talking about scare alerts this program just recently rolled out with a feature where you can set up different alerts for different levels of tips/donations. So for $1 you can have 1 alert, for $5 a different one, $10 another different alert, etc.. They also have an addon to their alert program called “Stream Labels”. There are several different versions of these labels (Most Recent Tipper, Last Follow, Recent Tips, Tip Goal, etc) and they will auto update while you are live in your stream. They also recently rolled out with a Tip Train and Follower Train setup so you can set the timer and show off the “trains” you have during stream! The other perk about using Twitch Alerts is if you have an issue you can tweet to them @TwitchAlerts and one of them usually gets back to you very quickly.

Another notification program is called TNotifier and this is an all in one utility that lets you keep track of everything. This is a web based program and they are known for being highly customizable so you can create your own conditions to trigger alerts. These are popular for those who often have “Follow Trains” or “Tip Trains” This program is highly customizable and is easy to set up. Like Twitch Alerts this program offers Trackers and/or Counters which will show the lastest number of subscribers, followers, or tips all in real time. They work directly with ImRaising, StreamTip and SupportTheStream to be used as the Tipping program within this program. The best part of about TNotifier is that it’s FREE to use, forever!

NightDev is a different type of program as they have several different projects available all at once and they are constantly working on new ones all the time. Some of their popular Notification/Alert Programs are the Subscriber and Follower Alerts. These are very basic with very little customization, but they are easy and FREE to set up. The biggest perk to using the NightDev program is that you can add in your own custom CSS code. The main reason why people do not use this program is because it doesn’t have a tipping alert yet, so you will need to use yet another program to run that. So why run two programs when you can use one?

Of course there are several different smaller notification programs out there, like streampro, or ankhbot, or deepbot (if you pay for it), however we touched on most of those already a few weeks back and I wanted to keep the options to the widely used alerts. Let me know below what program you use and why!

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