Appreciation Unlocked

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Earlier this past week I had a “moment” with the viewers in my stream, and I wanted to say thank you for letting me open up and bare my soul to them for a few minutes. I was reminded last week about this topic and it’s something I notice a lot of streamers don’t do. I know it’s assumed however it’s always nice to remind everyone of this one simple thing; appreciation.

The definition of appreciation is the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. I’m explaining this definition as I know we have several people reading this blog that English isn’t their 1st language, so I want to make sure it’s being understood across the board.

What I'm trying to get at is that real appreciation goes a long way. This something that is so easily given, and yet given without much emotion. Can you remember how many times you said thank you today? I bet you cannot remember because the words thank you are words that are so freely said that the feeling has truly left.

Everybody knows when you say thank you that you are appreciating them but how deep of an appreciation do you really have? I try and say thank you to my mods every single day and I say thank you to all of my new followers. I make sure that I thank people on Twitter for any tips, raids, and/or hosts etc. But how deep of an appreciation is it really? There is a difference between saying to someone thank you for your raid in my channel last night and saying I truly appreciate what you did last night when you raided me, your followers are very generous and so are you and it means the world to me that you shared that with me. Can you see the difference between those two sentences? They both mean the same thing but the second sentence shows a deeper appreciation. Which of those two sentences you would like to hear?

Long story short, don't forget to truly appreciate others and what they do; not just your viewers but your mods too. Your mods work hard to better your channel and they should definitely be appreciated. I know I put my mods through hell for my stream but because of them I have a VERY smooth running and very well put together stream. They know I adore & appreciate them so much and in return they are very proactive in my stream constantly looking for new and more efficient ways to better the stream. As you can see, if you thank someone make sure it’s honest and sincere because just a few moments from the heart can completely change another person's day.

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