M.O.D. = Moderators on Demand

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All successful streamers have one main thing in common; amazing mods. They are the glue that can either help hold together a stream or let it completely fall apart. Most people think that being a mod is easy work, do a few !shoutouts or !casters and ban the trolls but it’s SO MUCH MORE. Granted I work my mods extremely hard, but my stream hardly ever has a bump and if it does… it’s almost always my fault. The main purpose of a moderator is to help keep the streamer “safe”, to promote the streamer, and to keep the chat moving while they are streaming. Not everyone can be a good mod, it takes a lot of training and communication between the mods and the streamer. I have interviewed several people who I consider to be good and amazing mods, so take a look at what they say and apply it to yourself and/or your mods and you’ll see yet another dramatic change in improving your channel. You’ll notice that some mods are more active and others are more chill and relax, you’ll need to figure out what you want/need for your channel and find the mods that best fit your needs.

Malicee - will be referred as Malicee
VVolfengard - will be referred as VV
H0logram - will be referred as H0lo
Expi Golahole314 - will be referred as Expi
Phonic88 - will be referred as Phonic
MagikTheGamer - will be referred as Magik

Who do you mod for?

Malicee: Kitty_haz_Claws and KerryGames
VV: I mod for the loveable Kitty_haz_Claws
H0lo: I am a mod for xSmaK (partnered streamer)
Expi: Paw_hatter, Kitty_Haz_Claws, Calindel, Omnomchomp
Phonic: Diabetech, NommyNomm, LindsayPez, Kitty_haz_Claws, Lizzybets
MagikTheGamer: Kitty_haz_Claws, Lolizombie, Kerrygames, Kaitality, Vandipitty

What are you job expectations as a mod for that person?

Malicee: Kitty: To be in her stream as much as possible, keep her motivated to stream, keep her on track while streaming survival games, making sure all trolls get KittyJuice/!tits, to be friendly to all who join Kitty on her adventures in streaming, and lastly to keep Kitty's confidence up cause she's an amazing streamer. Kerry: Keep all trolls at bay, Keep Kerry's chat moving, and to keep him motivated to stream.
VV: I honestly expect not much more than banning trolls and supporting the streamer :)
H0lo: I like to greet people in the stream and rally the chat before the stream starts. We keep the chat on topics and time out or ban people for not following rules.
Expi: Control the trolls
Phonic: To represent them according to who they are. A mod needs to be a representative of the stream, an extension of them who can focus on chat, answer questions, a be of necessary assistance when the streamer is focused on the game.
Magik: Ensure new viewers/followers are welcomed as they enter or follow the channel. Run informational commands for F.A.Q. by chatters, run fun commands to help fill in dead space in chat, keep chat moving by asking questions to streamer/viewers and most importantly - keeping up with the TOS of Twitch and Streamers rules.

Did you ask to be a mod? Or did the streamer ask you? Or was it just given to you?

Malicee: Kitty asked me and Kerry gave me the power!
VV: I was asked to be mod, because i showed my will to support and was there for every stream for a while.
H0lo: I hung out with SmaK at PAX East for a few hours and we really had a good time. When he was streaming again he made a mod.
Expi: Was just given the mod
Phonic: I was given mod by everyone I mod for.
Magik: Some streamers have asked me to mod and a couple was just given to me. I have never asked to be a mod, I find that bad etiquette to the streamer.

How did you find/discover the streamer you mod for?

Malicee: Through Raids and other streamers
VV: I have this habit of randomly looking for unusual games on Twitch to watch. So one day i was doing that thing again and saw a few people watching Lego games and i thought to myself: "I remember playing a game of that series, let's see how this one is..." That's how i came to Kitty_haz_Claws channel.
H0lo: I was looking to watch some Dayz gameplay and eventually found SmaK’s channel. I really like his personality and he has a great voice.
Expi: By raids and checking out other members of the gaming community
Phonic: through other streamers
Magik: From other streamers and from my UGR streaming group

What is the easiest part of being a mod?

Malicee: Being a mod in general is very easy once you get used to it but the easiest would be making sure everyone gets greeted whether they be new or regulars
VV: Learning the commands. Easy peasy, lemon squeezing.
H0lo: Being sociable and welcoming to people. I am a bit of a comedian so I like to entertain the chat.
Expi: Enjoying the stream
Phonic: Greeting people, like the old people you see at Walmart.
Magik: I do not think there is an "easy" part of being a mod - as there is always something to do.

What challenges have you faced on the job?

Malicee: The biggest challenge is keeping the streamers motivated if they have had a bad day/week.
VV: Sometimes it is hard to keep up with everything that's happening or new stuff...So changes in general, i guess.
H0lo: Usually when SmaK is streaming I am at work. I keep an eye on chat when I can. Luckily he has many mods so usually he has a few mods in chat at any one time.
Expi: Seeing comments where I'm not sure if the Caster is going to find it funny or be offended by it
Phonic: There haven’t been any.
Magik: Not knowing the expectations of the streamer when I first started out. Learning all the relevant commands, working alongside streamers other mods.

What’s the most difficult thing you’ve faced as mod?

Malicee: Keeping up with new command on different channels
VV: When you have issues with your personal life and still try to do your job as a mod. That gets unimaginable hard…
H0lo: Dealing with sexism and racism is the hardest for me and I come down hard with the Ban hammer.
Expi: Seeing comments where I'm not sure if the Caster is going to find it funny or be offended by it
Phonic: Dealing with friends who aren’t mods.
Magik: Modding a channel on my own with allot of people in chat - 40 people was the biggest for me and keeping my opinions on certain issues to myself - I feel that as a mod, you need to be neutral and personal opinions/feelings could cause dramas for the streamer. Learning how to mod multiple channels at once with my roonet - so it means I have to work purely on chat only. I miss out on verbal instructions from the streamer. This does not happen often.

When you first started as a mod how stressful was it?

Malicee: First time modding is always stressful because every streamers has a different set of command you have to learn and you are always in a scramble to learn them
VV: I guess you can compare it to your first day in a real job: You get told a lot of stuff and you just can't keep up with anything in the first place. But it settled down real quick, so it wasn't that stressful to begin with.
H0lo: Actually it was quite stressful at first. You feel pressured to know what you are talking about and you have to make quick decisions on how to deal with someone in chat.
Expi: Was nervous as hell
Phonic: Not stressful at all, pretty much a ‘learn-as-you-go’ experience.
Magik: My first mod experience was thrusted upon me, so I had no prior knowledge of how to do things as a mod such as purge/timeout/ban functions. No idea what was acceptable for the streamer or their commands. So the first mod day was all over the place - and a few things that an experienced mod would have handled I missed.

What would you say are the differences between a good mod and a bad one?

Malicee: A good mod is in their streamers channel as much as possible and know most of the commands by heart. Keeps the commands page up for one that they don't know. Is on top of trolls asap and gives them the ban hammer. Is super nice to all chatters and makes them feel like they belong, cause the stream is all about them.
VV: Communication with the streamer. If you don't keep up when you are there and when you are not, you're not going to be able to be a good mod.
H0lo: How you moderate in one stream may be different from how you moderate chat in another stream. You need to learn what are the boundaries of each streamer. What you don’t want is the streamer questioning your moderating or undoing a timeout or ban
Expi: Good mod know how to deal with the trolls
Phonic: A good one is a reflection of the streamer. A bad one abuse power.
Magik: Good and Bad are probably not the right terms here. A "good" mod understand all the ins and outs of the streamer they mod for. Not only that, but being active enough in chat to field any questions or help keep the chat moving, without causing mod wall issues for the streamer. A "bad" mod is one that comes into a streamers chat and lurks without saying anything to the streamer before hand. One does not help with handling with any of the issues that a streamer may face or assist with keeping the chat friendly and welcoming. At the end of the day the mod is a representation of the streamer, so as a mod, anything you do reflects on the streamer which could present issues for them and their growth.

How do you handle trolls in the streamers chat?

Malicee: Well for Kitty if they call for tits we give them the !tits command. If they are just generally trolling we Give them a juice box (KittyJuice) and a !ban/!banm command and time them out
VV: Wish them a nice day and press the ban button ;)
H0lo: I try and ignore them if they aren’t really bad but that usually doesn’t last long so I either time them out or perma ban. If it is racist or sexist I just go straight for the Perma ban.
Expi: With the ban hammer
Phonic: Wit and/or charm
Magik: It does depend on the streamer and what they want. Some want an auto ban on anything inappropriate, where others would prefer a timeout and an explanation as to why the timeout was given. One streamer I deal with handles the trolls on their own, but anything that is totally inappropriate, like racial, sexual or gender slurs I deal with straight away and I deal with the wrath of the streamer later - as a mod you need to make a judgement call on the spot. If you are totally unsure, ask the streamer and they will guide you.

Do you have any advice for a new mod?

Malicee: Just keep your cool and try not to stress too hard cause the streamer knows your new and are learning. Make sure you keep the commands page up and ready for reference. BE NICE TO EVERYONE THAT IS NOT A TROLL. Make the chat a fun place to be.
VV: Don't do it for you, do it for the stream ;) Don't be THAT guy
H0lo: When you are moderating your first channel it’s best to see how other mods operate before jumping in. Talk to the other mods and ask them how they handle things in the stream. As a moderator you can make custom commands which can be quite helpful to answer the same questions constantly being asked during the stream.
Expi: Don't be afraid to ban. Can always unban if it's a mistake.
Phonic: Learn about your streamer. Ask if they have any rules for how modding should be done in your channel.
Magik: Most definitely - if you are approached by the mod before getting the mod status - ask about their expectation of modding their channel and understand their commands, I find using a wordpad/notepad document to take note of expectations, commands and regular streamers to promote is a big help - Very useful if you end up modding for more than one streamer, as for example a shout out command can vary between streamers ie !shoutout !caster !so and trying to remember who has what can be overwhelming sometimes. If you need to step away from mod duties during the stream, let the other mods and streamer know in chat. Get some tools to help you mod - Chatty or BetterTV to assist with quick access to timeout functions. Chatt is great to have multiple chat windows open if you mod for multiple steamers who are online at the same time. Screen Capture Software - to capture screenshots of important milestones for a streamer - such as Total Viewer count, follower goals or general reactions. Make sure you get permission from the streamer to do this. Have a second browser open for Twitter to help continual promotion of the streamers session, or to check links that get posted in channel or for a google to help out the streamer.

What advice could you give to the streamer(s) you mod for?

Malicee: Remember we are humans and make mistakes and please call us out on things after the stream.
VV: Be a leader, not a boss
H0lo: You need to be able to trust your mods and try not to get distracted by the petty bickering or spam or trolls unless a mod isn’t there to help. Mods are there to allow the Streamer to focus on entertaining the viewers.
Expi: Be yourself.
Phonic: Keep up the great work, ask me if you need suggestions / advice because mods see more than streamers do.
Magik: Big one is to THANK them regularly, they take the time to come and mod, even though they would come to the channel anyways to support you.Talk the the mod team on a regular basis, let them know how they are going and if there are any big changes coming to the channel. Or if you do have "issues", best to contact them, so you can work through the problem and come to a resolution that best works for everybody. Take note of ideas/suggestions Mods may have for you - as a streamer it is hard monitoring/see/notice everything - the mods are your best eyes and ears. They can see a potential trend that you may need to address or use as the next big thing for your channel.

What are the most frustrating things about being a mod?

Malicee: Trolls and the things they say to the streamers I mod for just so rude
VV: Having to make time for the whole mod job, including time outside of the stream. But it's worth it ;)
H0lo: Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed when there are a lot of viewers and only a few mods. It’s up to the streamer to grow the pool of moderators as his or her stream grows
Expi: Seeing comments where I'm not sure if the Caster is going to find it funny or be offended by it
Phonic: Feeling like it is a 24/7 job, when sometimes you just want to chill.
Magik: For the most part, being able to be at the streamers stream on a regular basis. All streamers I mod for are either in the US or the UK - time zones means I am usually at work. Secondly, seeing the effect Trolls can have on the streamer. It hurts me to see a streamer loose the HYPE due to one small bad comment in chat.

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