Role Models

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Professional sports players are constantly trying to improve their game and the best way to do that is by playing against people who are better than them. You see when you constantly lose over and over to someone who is better than you, you will start to learn how to improve your game so you won’t lose. In time you will get better, and at the same time if you want to improve your streaming you need to set your eyes on streamers who are better than you. Typically someone that you look up too and/or someone you would like to be similar too. Watch their streams see what they do, how they interact, how they react, how they play, what they play and try and duplicate it.

I’m not saying that you become that person, please don’t think that. You should NEVER be someone you're not (It will be obvious and people will see right through you). What I mean by try and duplicate is to duplicate traits, sayings, or styles and tweak them so they become your own. If that person is a successful streamer try and figure out why they are a successful streamer!

Two streamers I look up to are Smak and DizzyDizaster; they are both partnered streamers and both very different in how they stream. I love the passion that Smak has for the games he plays and how he reacts to everything that happens in the game and with the people he plays with. I love the interaction that Dizzy has with his chat and how much he does for them. For example, he just got a large following of Russian viewers and he’s taking what little free time he has to learn Russian to talk to them in their native language! Talk about going above and beyond for your viewers! I love the level of dedication that Dizzy has. Plus, Dizzy is real; you can tell that he is being himself. He’s not trying to ‘put on a show’, and it’s a very unique experience.

So make sure you pick your role models carefully and make sure you develop a relationship with them. Try to make sure it’s a realistic streamer and not someone like DansGaming. I’m not saying DansGaming isn’t a good role model, but the fact that he can play Barbie Dream House with 5000 people watching where most everyone else cannot doesn't really help us as smaller streamers. The people you should be looking up too should be somewhere in the middle and someone you can talk to. Also ask questions to get advice and at the very least be able to e-mail and have them respond back to you.

The purpose of having a role model is to find out what you like to become as a streamer and what tips and techniques they can teach you. Please remember they are not there to help you become a better streamer than they are, so don't expect any promotion. Just watch and ask questions, ask lots of questions. Don't forget. . You might be someone else's role model so always be there for your people.

Tell me who your streamer role models are below and why! I’d love to see who you look up to and I’ll go check them out as well!

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