Stream Sharing is Caring

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This week’s blog is a little different than usual and I want to show you something unique I’ve found on twitch. I’ve only seen this 2 times and it really seems to work for those who want to stream and lack the time to do so. It’s called Stream Sharing; and basically this is where a group of people share a single stream. One group in particular that does this very well is the GamingDaddies. They are a group of 4 daddies who each take turns streaming on different days so they can still spend time with their families. I asked them to do a write up about how they handle their stream and the sharing of it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Who we are:

We are a group of 4 guys who all have interest in streaming and sharing our gaming experience with others (actually 3 because 1 is inactive right now). But there is more, 3 of us recently started their own family and we really enjoy fatherhood. But the downside is that obviously there is way less time for gaming now.

What we do:

So here is what we came up with. When you read Reddit and stuff you will stumble upon something over and over again: maintain a schedule and stream at least 3 times a week to experience a gain in followers and viewership. Every one of us wouldn’t have had the possibility to stream 3 times a week if he was alone, so we joined forces and decided to give up our individual streams and instead stream from one single channel. This was when the GamingDaddies channel was born on twitch and really we like the collaboration so far.

How we collaborate:

We talked with each other about how we could collaborate and manage streaming times. Now everyone has fixed streaming days/times which he can organize however he wants. This solved our initial problem of having to be online consistently and often during the week. We maintain a consistent schedule from Monday - Thursday with everyone having a fixed slot once or twice in the week. If anything happens so that one of the daddies can’t stream on his session, he can still try to get another daddy as substitute, which is nice as well.

Every one of us was granted editor rights on the GamingDaddies twitch channel and has full access to the account. We watch and support each other during their streaming sessions as well, be it modding the chat or just hanging out and writing in chat (most of the time both).

We use these tools:

As you might assume, coordinating such a project is not always easy. Therefore we are using several tools to keep everything organized:
Trello as a task board for our to do's
Skype as our primary tool for communication and for capturing 2 cams for dual streaming for consistent layouts through all the daddies streams
OBS for streaming for basic setup instructions click here. for our schedule

What we learned so far:

Assign responsibilities for different tasks specifically. If everyone is responsible for everything, no one will do it. E.g. Netherbrain is the responsible person for managing the GamingDaddies Twitter account and GameWisp channel. Kendoros is responsible for networking outside of Twitter, chat bot config and stream overlays. Boblerone is responsible for the YouTube account.
Talk about money. Seriously, do it. When you plan to accept tips or create a GameWisp account, talk about how you want to use and share that money and who will be granted direct access to the bank account/credit card that is needed to get everything set up. If you don’t talk about this upfront, you’ll surely lose friends, I guarantee.
Use ONE tool set above all team members. Don’t allow differences as far as possible, because it will just make things more complicated (some overlays might be screwed up with xsplit but work fine with OBS, then someone has a broken plugin in OBS and so on).
It also started to feel like a collaborative stream only after we all switched to a single tool set with unified branding. Before it felt like everyone is just individually streaming to another channel than before.


We really like the collaboration the way we currently do and don’t plan to stop it anytime soon. Some of the pros are that you can maintain a full week schedule even when each daddy doesn’t have too much time. Dispatching responsibilities within the team is also a huge reduction in the needed time you have to put in. You can easily collaborate and do duo streams which makes things more interesting. You as an individual streamer can focus on less games which gives you the possibility to really learn/train the games you are playing (if you plan to establish a variety stream, like we do).
Working in a team gets you to a state where you motivate each other.
You always have someone to brainstorm and discuss new ideas with.
You’ll most of the time have at least one of the other team members watching you when you stream. They can be active in chat and enable you keeping a normal conversation like you would have with every other random, chat active, viewer. This really helps if you’re not good at talking to yourself/an empty chat.
You have reliable moderators in your chat right from the start.


You risk losing your friends, because there is always a chance that things go wrong and everyone is angry with each other. You can minimize that risk by setting up the rules upfront and have everyone agree. But the risk can never be mitigated completely!
You have to be more tolerant for when things really go wrong. E.g. Kendoros accidentally got our channel banned some time ago for 24h … well, shit happens and you just don’t want to lose a friend because of that, but the whole team suffers from it obviously.

I want to say Thank You to the GamingDaddies for explaining how the Stream Sharing works and how it can still help out streamers who don’t have a lot of time to stream but still enjoy streaming.

Until next time…



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