Interview with a Creative Artist

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Within the past year Twitch has opened the doors to so much more than just “gaming” they now have sections for both Music and Creative. I’ve taken the time to interview a creative artist so we can discover a little more about this new area on twitch!

What's your name? My Name is NenekoArt or as everyone calls me, Nene.

What's your twitch channel? My twitch channel is

Where are you located? I’m in Germany.

What is your main focus on stream? I´m focusing on drawing in my channel, someday in the future there will be gaming too, but the main topic will be drawing.

How long have you been drawing? I’ve been drawing for several years now, about 12-14 years of drawing and focusing on manga for about 7 years.

Can you step me through your setup right before you stream? Start up my OBS Multiplatform and Paint Tool Sai (program I use here in Germany).
Open a new blank paper or the last drawing I´m working on, in Sai.
After opening up Sai, I check the battery level of my drawing Pen. I use a graphic tablet with batteries, so I lay a few batteries next to my keyboard, just in case.
Start Nightbot and Ankhbot and prepare the music for stream.
Connect to twitch with my bots and my main account.
Grab something to drink and maybe eat a bit before stream starts, wait for the right time and go online.

What programs do you use while you stream? I prefer to use OBS Multiplatform for recording and streaming stuff, then Paint Tool Sai and Clip Studio Paint for all my drawings and creations, and lastly ankhbot for my chat commands and raffles

What do you prefer to draw? Why? I love to draw cute girls with big boobs, and animal parts like ears and tails in a normal form or as a Chibi (little kinda chubby versions with huge eyes). It’s so much fun to draw them, and I really like the anatomy of females and the cuteness of everything so I try to combine it all together <3 Take a look at this cute Chibi I drew for Kitty_haz_Claws or this one!

What do you hate to draw? I really hate to draw hands and male characters with short hair, it’s really hard for me to draw those.

Why did you want to start streaming? I really wanted to show my friends my art while I was drawing it and the whole process. I have a lot of friends who love to watch me draw for hours and I thought there may be people out there who can't draw, but would love to see it.

Who was your inspiration? My inspiration came from two people, one of them is my sister who showed me how to draw in the anime style when I was little, and the second one is ChoosenVowels. She makes beautiful art and can live with the money she earns from her art. A few years ago I took part in her drawing competition (I didn’t think my entry was very good) and she took a lot of time to talk to me and showed me how to improve myself. This was the moment where I really wanted to get better and maybe someday make people feel and see how happy a single drawing can make you feel.

What tablet do you use to draw? Right now i'm using a "Medion live tablet" with 12.1" of drawing space, before I used a small "Wacom Volito" tablet.

Is it really much easier to draw than a mouse? Yes it is! After you get used to your tablet it’s like drawing with a pen on paper, your lines will look much better and even colouring makes much more fun!

How long do your streams usually last? Usually I stream between 2 and 4 hours.

Do you do commissioned work? (Paid requests) Yes I´ve started lately to earn a little money with my art.

Can you create an overlay, banners, and/or emotes, for twitch channels? I can create overlays and banners, but I haven't tried emotes yet, I’m sure they aren’t that hard to do.

What is the best part of the twitch community? No matter who you are, or where you´re from you can join a beautiful family who helps each other on a daily basis, so you can have great friendships like all over the world and I really love it <3.

What is the worst part of the twitch community? The worst part is that some people love to troll or play tricks, usually while streaming so you get really worried and the other person is laughing his/her ass off while your try to help.

What is your goal for streaming? (Partnership, fun, social, etc) I´m only streaming for fun and I want to entertain people and make them happy, I hope I'll reach a good level of drawing with the help and the love of the community.

Thank you Nene for taking the time to explain a little bit about how the creative art streams work.

Until next time…



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