Twitch Stream Teams - Are They Worth It?

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When I first started streaming on twitch there was nothing that I wanted more than to be on a Twitch Stream Team. I thought, what could be better than feeling like you are part of something special with other streamers? I thought that if you were able to get on a stream team it would mean INSTA-SUCCESS! However that cannot be further from the truth, and we’ll get into that later on.

According to twitch a Twitch Stream Team is a grouping of streamers who voluntarily join upon being invited in by a subbed team maker. Typically these people have a common goal, mindset, game, or approach to streaming that binds them together under their team banner. It’s a multi-way endorsement that says to Twitch viewers: I approve of these streamers and they approve of me, so check them out!

There are 4 main types of stream teams out there, Business, Friends, Common Games and Promotional. Each all have their pluses and minuses and may seem similar but let me explain. Some teams are not active in cross-promotion or pushing a particular idea and these teams end up being more like “social clubs” and therefore do not provide much benefit to the team members in terms of your own channel growth. Sadly the majority of twitch teams that I have seen end up being this way. Other teams are there to support streamers who share the same business entity, such as the Astro Stream Team. They accept only partnered streamers who use their equipment on stream. The Common Games teams are exactly as they sound, they are filled with people who play a specific game such as DayZ or Minecraft. Then the last type of team are the teams that promote properly, the way twitch teams should be. Just remember that it’s a mutually beneficial sort of thing, the more you and everyone else puts into it..the more you and everyone else will get out of it.

I was listening to Jacklifear on twitch last week and he was talking about the bullshit that is going on with stream teams (listen to VOD here). About how the majority of stream teams aren't used correctly and it's mostly because the people running them don't take the team seriously, it's not easy running a successful stream team, it takes a lot of work, focus, and a good sense of business.

Having a good team (notice I didn't say stream team here, because you can have unofficial teams) goes beyond just doing shoutouts, hosts, and raids. That is the absolute bare minimum anyone should do for you and/or your team. If you want success it needs to go beyond twitch. You need to communicate and game together off stream, tweet and retweet each other on twitter, watch their streams and offer advice on how to improve, and dual stream with each other. Only then can you get a properly working and successful group.

I was part of a few different groups and what I learned from these groups is that you SHOULD get out of it what you put in. Yes they are work, yes you will be expected to pull your weight, and yes you should get to know all your team members. If you just sit back and expect everything to be handed to you and/or if you refuse to put in the time and effort then the group will fail and you will fail. Groups can only work properly if EVERYONE is working at it, otherwise you’ll have some people working very hard and others reaping all the benefits.

That is what happened to me. I was working very hard with a group putting in about 8-10 hours a week and reaping very little if anything in return. In fact, my channel’s quality and views were dropping because I spent so much time helping the group and its members out instead of focusing on my own channel. I’m not saying don’t give your time to others, and I’m not saying to be selfish and only focus on yourself. What I am saying is you should help promote others and support others, but not at the expense of yourself or your own channel. You need to make sure you are in a positive mindset first before you can help others. If you are not in a positive mindset how can you share positive thoughts? You can't and you'd be lying to yourself and to others.

It's ok to take time to focus on your channel and yourself. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. If you know me you know that I'm a very giving person and I'll typically always put others before myself. However this time I spread myself way too thin and I ended up helping absolutely no one and nearly killing my own twitch channel. We all must learn a healthy even balance.

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