Why Unfollowers are a Good Thing

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I thought I would touch on the subject of unfollowers today. Especially since Twitch just went through their community and cleaned out all the fake, spam, bot, and troll accounts throughout the whole month of January. I used to watch my numbers like a hawk! I knew every follower I had, I knew what date they followed me and I kept the email alerts in a folder so I could look back and see who unfollowed me. (Those bastards!) But numbers will kill you; and you can’t focus on the numbers game. That’s not why you are on twitch! You are on twitch to play video games not the numbers game.

Recently I was in a stream of a streamer new to twitch and he noticed that they lost a couple of followers from the day before. Usually no big deal, but when you are just starting off, a couple of people lost can be a HUGE thing. I remember my first few unfollowers and I thought to myself, why did they unfollow? What did I do wrong? Am I boring? Is it because I’m not the typical slutty girl on twitch? JUST TELL ME WHY YOU LEFT! Anyways.. back to my friend. He didn’t like the fact that he lost followers and he even found out who the unfollowers were. The very next day one of those unfollowers came back to his stream (I was lurking in the stream at the time) and started talking to him as if nothing even happened. My friend got upset and asked him straight out, “Why are you here You unfollowed me! Why in hell would you come back?” My mouth hit the floor. I’m trying to whisper to my friend saying you can’t say that, there are several reasons why they could have unfollowed. Needless to say that viewer left immediately and never came back.

I’m not telling this story to embarrass my friend, I’m telling you about that event (with their permission of course!) because unfollowers are a good thing! Another streamer friend of mine explained it best, “Think of followers as people who are buying your (album/movie/painting), they are people giving you a shot. Viewers are people who buy every (album/movie/painting). They love your work, and they will stick around and enjoy everything you do. So why are unfollowers not bad? It's just someone who gave you a try, and didn't enjoy what you're doing, or your stream. It just wasn't for them. Now before you think "What am I doing wrong then?", I'll give you this... Your friend tells you "Buy this (album/movie/painting) you'll love it!" You check it out, but think, meh, not my style. Does that mean it isn't good? Nope! Just means it isn't your style :) So if you get unfollowers, just remember this, it isn't that you're a bad streamer, it's because you are punk rock and they prefer ska.”

Another way to picture this is to image your stream as a beautiful flower, let’s go with an Orchid since those are my favorites. You have this beautiful and delicate flower that is 100% yours and you need to take care of it, water it, feed it, love it. But wait there are a few wilted petals on it. That orchid cannot grow when it has those wilted petals on it. They will slowly consume the whole flower and cause it to die. So, in order to save this delicate flower you need to prune it, and peel off those wilted petals and give it room to grow. The same goes for your twitch channel. You need to get rid of those “dead followers” so your channel can grow.

We all know that the follower count does NOTHING! Well… the follower count will get you TreatStream but the follower count will NOT get you partnered! The only thing I see the follower count doing is to give us something to brag about to others. Who cares? It doesn’t really matter! This is why it really bothers me when people put “Road to _ Followers” in their stream titles. It focuses on the followers and this “magic number” that they want to hit. I don’t want to feel like a number, but maybe that’s just me. You need to focus on your viewers, not your followers. The people that matter aren't the people that watched you once, and never came back. The people who truly matter are the ones who are there for you each and every stream, whether it's only 5 viewers, or 1,500 viewers.

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