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1/11/17 edit Because of you this blog has been so successful in the last 10 months at helping others out. You have shared it, tweeted it, posted it on the forums, and talked about it in your streams and for this I’m forever grateful. Together we are helping people and that is the main point of this blog. I’ve updated this list with all the new blog posts we’ve posted so it’s easier for you to find and share with your friends and viewers. This list starts with the oldest posts and ends with the newest one.

Hi’ya and Meow Bitch <3
Hi I’m Kitty, a live variety video game streamer on Twitch, I begin my blog focused on helping young and new streamers get noticed. Follow along for streaming tips!

Ideas for the Future
We discuss possible ideas for future blogs; trolls, obs, x-split, lighting, green screens, overlays, interviews and bots

Just Keep Streaming… Just Keep Streaming…
Are you tired of streaming to an empty room? Get encouraged here! Don’t worry everyone has been through this, it’s a rite of passage. Remember why you started streaming, and hold onto that dream!

We All Need To Start Somewhere
The 1st thing you need to stream is a computer! (or a console). We discuss several different builds (low/medium/high/extreme) depending on your budget. We also discuss different information on mics, webcams, and capture cards and where to buy online. Includes an in depth article by DiamondRyce on Capture Cards!

The Dawning of a New Streamer
Do you remember your 1st stream you ever watched? I do! Was it them who made you fall in love w/ streaming? There will NOT be instant success, streaming is hard work. Best advice I ever received was this: watch your favorite streamers and find out why you like them so much; then apply that to your stream!

OBS vs X-Split
There is an unbelievable amount of thinking and decision making required for you to produce a good, high quality stream. Since most streamers use OBS or X-Split we have written up 2 detailed articles on both so you can make up your mind which works best for you! Maybe you have slow internet? We can help you tweak your OBS settings to make your stream look Purrfect!

It’s Not Easy Being Green
Our most popular blog post thanks to you! This has everything you would want to know about green screens! How to set up the proper 3 point lighting for your green screen, all the differences between umbrellas and how to bounce light. I show you where to buy a good quality lighting system and green screen for under $125 total! Yes, this is my exact setup!

How are you Being Profiled?
Since everyone on twitch is streaming, it’s your “flair” and personality that makes you different. Are you incorporating that flair into your profile? Let’s learn what a twitch profile banner is and explain what each banner is meant to do. US streamers.. listen up! Learn the differences between tips vs. donations! This is VERY important!

Overlays Don’t Need to be Overwhelming
Your overlay is an important tool to separate yourself from everyone else. People can make a LOT of money creating overlays for streamers, so save yourself the money and learn how to make yours FREE online w/ software legally available to you now! I even offer you a free premade overlay to use and alter to fit your needs!

Battle of the Bots… Fight!
There are several options available for free/cheap bots to help streamline your chat, I explain top 4 to you in detail (Nightbot, Moobot, Deepbot, Ankhbot).

Life Saving Alerts: Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!
Alerts are the next thing that separates us as streamers, so let’s discuss the differences between Twitch Alerts, TNotifier and NightDev.

Appreciation Unlocked
Appreciation is so much more than just saying “Thank You!” Make sure your viewers and mods feel appreciated, it will go a long way. Remember, don’t just say “thank you”; make sure you show true feeling behind it. Let’s also learn the differences between appreciation and thanks.

Attack of the Clones
There is a difference between buying a view/follow bot and being view botted by someone else. Most everyone will be view botted at some point so here’s how to handle it properly. Are you curious if someone is botting… let’s learn how to read Social Blade ( you can know!

Networking is a Contact Sport
Networking is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your name known to others. One way to do this is called “raiding”. We explain how to raid someone and how to respond to a raid! See an example of a raid when Puhdado raided my dual girl DayZ stream with AutumnDoll.

M.O.D. = Moderators on Demand
Behind every amazing streamer is an amazing MOD team. I took the time and interviewed several different styles of MODS. Find out what style MOD you want/need and have a LOT of open communication w/ them. Remember a Mod’s responsibility isn’t just about banning trolls, it’s about streamlining the chat and keeping it moving.

Role Models
Best way you can improve yourself is to set yourself a high quality role model and mimic parts of them. Develop a communicating relationship with them and ask them questions. Don’t forget you probably are a role model for someone else! Always set a good example, you never know who is watching.

This interview might get you a bit Dizzy
We interview a partnered streamer, and my role model, DizzyDizaster. He offers advice for newer streamers looking to get partnered.

Stream Sharing is Caring
Maybe you don’t have time to stream all by yourself? Maybe you are thinking about sharing a stream? We interview a streaming group called The GamingDaddies. Learn about how they keep everything streamlined; the pros and cons of sharing a stream.

Gamers vs. Streamers
Learn the differences between being a gamer and being a streamer. Sometimes best thing for your stream is to stop streaming. Unfortunately, playing video games with a webcam doesn’t make you a streamer. We investigate 10 different smaller streamers; discover our interactions with them!

Don’t Feed The Trolls
Almost every streamer has had a troll in their stream or has experienced one. We need to communicate with our mods how we want the situation handled in advance so everyone is on same page. In order to beat the trolls we must understand why they troll.

Video Games will rot your brain and other arguments debunked!
We research all your typical arguments against gaming and how to beat them with a little class. Gaming increases reflex time and I firmly believe this saved my daughter and my life few months ago.

Do You Even Goal Bro?
Setting goals will help you achieve more than if you don’t. We need to write them down so it makes them more realistic. What are your goals? Let’s complete these goals together!

Interview w/ a Creative Artist
We take the time to interview a twitch creative streamer named NenekoArt. Learn how she sets up for her stream and take a step inside her artistic mind.

Twitch Stream Teams - Are They Worth It?
Learn the definition of a twitch stream team and the 4 main types of teams. Learn about my past experiences with twitch stream teams. Figure out first what you want from a team, then you can decide if a twitch stream team is what you need.

Feeling overwhelmed? Just want to throw in the Towel? Just look at your hand!
Got the blues? You’re not alone! Remember your 5 favorite people and their opinion of you, nothing else matters. You are very special and someone looks up to you right now. Always set a good example.

Why Unfollowers are a Good Thing
Stop watching your numbers, follower counts don’t mean anything, it just gives us bragging rights. What truly matters are your viewers, even if they are only lurking. Take the time to develop your core group as this will be your family. Make sure you have a fun and healthy family.

STREAM IT, DREAM IT, BEAM IT! Are you curious how I discovered my new home on Relive my first day and first several experiences on this young and innovative streaming site. Find out about several of the perks it has to offer you as streamers and viewers

BEAM IT LIKE BECKHAM ;)If you want to stream on there is some important things you need to know, this site is not Twitch, read this to find out how I was sucessful and how you can be also!

HOW TO ORGANIZE A SUCCESSFUL STREAMING EVENTThe GamingDaddies are 3 daddies sharing a single account. They have run several successful streaming events. Find out how they do this and how to properly plan for an event of your own.

INTERVIEW WITH BEAM.PRO PARTNERED STREAMER NAVI_ILIVAS We interview a partnered streamer, and my role model, Navi. He shares his story and offers some encouragement .

STREAMJAR FOR KITTIES Detailed guide about how to properly set up StreamJar. You can use them for all your overlays and alerts.

BOTS BLIP VS SCOTTY There are many different bots you can use on Beam I discuss 2 of the top used bots and the positive and negitive aspects of them both.

THIS INTERVIEW WITH MURDERKLOK IS A KILLER! We interview a partnered streamer, MurderKlok. He shares his story and offers advice and some protips on streaming.

THANK YOU CRUSADERS! We officially are a partnered streamer now on Beam. Thank you crusaders for all your love and dedicated support!

PARTNERSHIP IS SO MUCH MORE THAN A BUTTON Many people want the fame, money, and emotes from being a partnered streamer, we discuss about everything else that comes with it, and I open up about losing a friend over their partnership.

IF YOU’RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT.. STREAM YOUR GAME! Streaming should be fun, when it stops being fun we need to figure out how to make it fun again! You deserve to be happy.

INTERVIEW WITH THEWALKTHROUGHGAMER We interview a streamer TheWalkThroughGamer. He just applied for partnership (at the time of this blog), read about his journey and preparations for his partnership application here.

Most streamers, at some point, have split streamed to both beam, twitch, hitbox and/or youtube trying to increase their viewership. While this is a smart idea in the long run it could be massively hindering you from reaching your maximum potential. Find out why!

Stress affects everyone differently, and sadly I didn’t know how to relieve mine, I still have issues trying to relieve mine. Just know you aren’t alone. Read my story on how I almost cracked.

I’ve had so many comments on my graphics, raid screen, 3D graphics, servers, video and music editing, animations, coding, stream alerts, and positive energy. I want to share with you who are my “go to” people that help make me successful. Feel free to use them too; just say that Kitty sent you.

There have been discussions among partnered and non-partnered streamers about the recent sudden drop in viewers. I know first hand how disheartening and frustrating it is to watch your numbers plummet for seemingly no reason. This is where it’s so important to remember why you started streaming.

Anyone can stream… it’s so easy; just turn on your webcam and play a video game. Easy peasy, right? NO! Streaming is so much more than just playing video games on a daily basis for several hours. Let me open your eyes to exactly what I do and how long it takes to set up and take down from a normal everyday stream.

We interview a partnered streamer, Lagby. He shares his unique story and offers advice and some protips on streaming.

The Crusade is a streaming dream come true for me. I have such a passion for helping other streamers get noticed and to become the best streamer they possible can be. Read about how we can help bring out the amazing streamer that you are. Find out what others are saying about The Crusade, and why you need to be on this team.

So you want to stream on, you don’t really know where to start? Don’t have the time to read my 10+ blogs on how to start streaming? Well never fear, the TLDR version is here!

I was approached to try out a new on screen chat program called PixelChat on Beam. Find out about all the amazing things this program has to offer you and how to use it! I can honestly say I love this program and you will too!

Let’s Tak about Mods
Moderators have so much more responsibility than handing out ban-hammers and shouting out people. Learn and work with your team so you can work better together!

Interview with Rebranded Streamer Nominal
Rebranding is a tricky step to take as if you do it wrong people won’t recognize you; however if done correctly can give your stream a refreshing feel. Find out how Nominal did his and learn from him.

You Are Not Alone
Find out the inner workings of Kitty herself and the demons she constantly battles with. You might be shocked to know that she battles the same #MentalHealth issues you do.

Why My Mod Team Differs Than Most
Many people have asked how I put together my mod team; find out how and how you can do the same. It’s harder than you might think it is.

Virtual Reality Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive
LazyBumGamer recently got himself a complete VR system and did it very cheaply. Read up here how you can & stream it too!

I hosted the 1st ever KittyCon with my mods and a few close friends and documented the whole thing! Check out all the videos, photos, and hilarity that was involved. Search twitter for #KittyCon2016 to see it all.

Kitty’s Two Year Stream Anniversary
Come find out what Kitty has learned (both the good and bad) so you can apply it to your streams. It’s a long and hard journey with a few lucky breaks here and there. Learn how to recognize them and take advantage of them.

#BeamLove #BeamFamily
With Beam growing so fast how can we keep it from becoming what we left the other sites for? Find out here how to stand strong in the #BeamLove and to continue to grow as a #BeamFamily. It’s truly up to us to show others what is accepted and what isn’t.

Interview With The Most Unique Stream on Beam
Sometimes we want to see something truly unique; something most streamers cannot do. This is where MeGoesMoo comes in. He plays StepMania and other games (like Undertale) on his DDR dance pads.

You Want To Improve & Don’t Know Where To Start?
Check out the 3 basics you need to master in order to make big improvements to your stream. You’d be surprised how many people mess these up.

Interview with RocketBear
Rocketbear is one of the many streamers I look up to and I like to think of him as the ‘Face of Beam’ as most everyone has stopped by his stream at one point or another. Find out his story here.

How To Set Up Your Discord Permissions
Most every streamer has their own discord and it’s an amazing free resource; but do you have it set up properly to keep out trolls or hackers? Check this out and take a few minutes to protect yourself and your community.

Fast Growth Isn’t Always Good
Slow & steady typically always win the race. Discover why the Boom then Bust phase could hurt you in the long run if you aren’t prepared for it.

Storytime with Halios00 Find out all about your favorite last night partnered streamer here. Why he started streaming, what he streams, and a few weird facts about him.

Anxiety; It Stops Everything
I had taken a complete week off streaming in order to protect my #MentalHealth and open up even more about the anxiety and depression I constantly battle. I talk about my journey and what I’m doing to help reduce it in my life & maybe they can help you as well.

How To Network Properly on
Beam is completely different than Twitch, Hitbox, and Youtube in the sense that Networking is the #1 way to grow. Learn how to network without promoting yourself properly here. Discover what is acceptable and what isn’t on this platform.

Love & Respect
We are all different with different idea, opinions, and lifestyles. We need to learn to accept those differences and embrace them with love & respect. It’s okay to agree to disagree. #BeamLove

I recently discovered that it’s not the happy people who are thankful; it’s the thankful people who are happy. Find out which one of the two you are.

#Meow WHAT!?!?!!?!?
Meow Bitch! Yes I just called you a bitch. Find out my definition of the word and why I’m promoting this in my streams. I can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.

How To Stand Out From Among The Crowd
Are you tired of doing the same exact thing as all the other streamers and getting lost in the crowd? Discover what you may be overlooking to help you stand out and truly push your stream above everyone else.

2016 Really Wasn’t All That Bad
Find out why we retain negative emotions & thoughts more than positive ones and how to turn that around to become a more positive person.

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