How to Organize a Successful Streaming Event

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I LOVE to help support smaller streamers and all the events they hold. When the GamingDaddies had their most recent event, the “Who’s Your Daddy?” Speed Race stream earlier this February, they had their event planned out to the smallest detail. Something I have never seen done this well for any streaming event. I wanted to share this with you, and maybe together we can improve how we do events and therefore bring more people to our channel. I saw double the viewers in their channel during this event than they typically have so I can honestly say this works. This is what the GamingDaddies streaming group said to me recently about their event

We love ‘event’ streams. It gives your channel something fresh besides your "every day" scheduled streams.The thing with event streams, is that you need a lot of time preparing all the details. What’s even worse is since you have to prepare that much, you usually lose track of where to start and what to do when. So we googled for something like guidelines or best practices. For event organizations and found nothing of real value except for a few small articles scattered over several reddit entries, forum posts and other sites. This why we came up with a list of organizational tasks when we are considering on streaming another successful event.

We start off by giving ourselves four weeks between each of our events. When you go through the list you'll understand why. We don't say that list is complete, because it definitely is not, it is a work in progress, and always will be since not every task will be relevant for each event. What we have now is what we learned from organizing our first few events and it will help us to provide bigger and better events for our viewers in the future. With every single event we host, we want to provide something great! Something Unique! Something Different! We want them to leave thinking, "Wow, that was just, ... I don't even know how to describe because it was so awesome! I NEED to watch the next event live as well!"

We use this list by just going over each point from top to bottom and ask ourselves "is this point
relevant for this specific event?” If it is, great! At this point we would think about that point and work it out as detailed as it should be. If it is not relevant, event better, just tick it off and move on to the next point. You don't have to waste time on that stuff and then you can concentrate on what's left on the list.

After our event, we adapt the list with our "lessons learned". Most of the time this ends in adding more bullet points to the list. But don't be too careless when doing this, just add what you feel was really valuable for the event and what helped make it an even bigger success!

So all in all, we feel that it's much easier to just go over a huge list of bullet points and ignore the irrelevant one instead of trying to remember everything for every single event.

Click here for a check list to organize your next streaming event.

I hope this list helps you out as much as it helped the GamingDaddies, if you have any questions please follow them on Twitter,, or leave a post down below!

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