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For the longest time I never knew anything about, I was content on just streaming on twitch. I even tried streaming to youtube but it just wasn’t for me, it didn’t feel right like twitch did. However, as amazing as streaming to twitch as been for me in the past 1.5 years and how dedicated my mods are, the endless number of trolls and the negative community overall can really take a toll on you both mentally and emotionally. Don’t get wrong, my mods do an amazing job handing out as many #JuiceBoxes as needed, and our Crusaders are a very positive group. However the last month or so I’ve been feeling that something has been lacking, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

During one of my streams on twitch I had a follower of mine suggest and it got the wheels moving. I never heard of this site before and started doing a lot of research. In fact a few of my mods (mostly AutumnDoll Twitch/Mixer and Malicee Twitch/Mixer) helped me do 2 weeks of research. This site almost seemed to be to good to be true, so I went and talked to several streamers on Beam. I wanted to hear first hand the good and the bad and I honestly couldn’t find anything bad. I went looking for “the bad” and the worst I could find was that this site is still a “baby” (only live to the public for 2 months at most) and there aren’t as many people on beam as there is on twitch. But if you really think about it; is that a bad thing? Not as many people also means not as many trolls to deal with, and that’s a win in my book!

Some of the best perks that has to offer is the 2 second delay on their streams (and they are currently working on dropping that down to 250m/s). Twitch has a 30 second delay and you can “opt in” their beta test and get it down to a 10 second delay. Beam also offers you quality options where twitch only offers to their partnered streamers. The Beam employees and developers respond to tweets ridiculously fast where I’m still waiting for twitch to reply back to a single tweet. This information alone would make the average smaller streamer switch over to beam, but like Billy Mays always said, “But wait... there’s more!” The community over at beam is nice, helpful, and encouraging. WHAT?!?!? Yes you heard me right! Beam is a streaming site that cares about the little guys. #SupportSmallerStreamers

The first stream I went into was RocketBear, a partnered streamer on Beam, and I just said “Hi RocketBear, today is my 1st day on beam.” He welcomed me and asked if I was a streamer or not. I told him yes, I’m a streamer but I don’t like to self advertise in another person’s stream. He laughed and said, no really I want to know all about you! What games do you play? What time do you stream? My mouth was on the floor, no one on twitch ever wants to hear all about you. This is just so weird to me… so I decided to go into another partnered person’s stream Navi. I then told him today was my 1st day on beam, he too asked if I was a streamer and wanted to know all about me. I followed this trend with 5 other streams. Out of the 7 streams I visited 5 asked if I was a streamer and wanted to know more, the other 2 streamers didn’t ask if I was a streamer but they were still very nice and outgoing.

This new streaming site is the breath of fresh air that I needed so badly, and it’s been so incredibly good for me and to me. I’ve been streaming on here for almost 1.5 weeks and I’ve been raided 2 times. I have almost at 100 followers, averaging 20-28 viewers each stream, and given the #BestHairOnBeam. I’m not saying that if you stream to beam you’ll get these numbers but I will say that you will enjoy it and that you will see a sense of community you haven’t seen on twitch. I’m so glad someone suggested this site to me, it was the best choice I’ve made in my streaming career, hopefully it’ll be yours too!

Next week I’ll be interviewing a partnered streamer here, from and you’ll learn all about their story. Then the week after that, we’ll talk about what you’ll need in order to start streaming on We’ll talk overlays, bots, alerts, and just in case if you want to still stream to twitch and try out at the same time; I have the perfect solution for that as well. We have some amazing things coming your way on here in the next several weeks!

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