Interview With Partnered Streamer Navi_Ilivas

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Most of you know that I have started streaming on Beam.Pro and it’s been one of the best decisions of my streaming career. I wanted to take some time to interview a partnered streamer on here to hear their story on how they got started, how they got partnered and any advice they may have for smaller streamers like us!

I would like to introduce you to Navi! He is a streamer who I met on my very first day on Beam. He made me feel very welcome and he was one of the main reasons why I decided to make the switch to beam.

Introduce yourself – What makes your stream special?
Hello! My name is Navi_Ilivas, and I am a Partnered Variety Broadcaster on What makes my stream special is the fact I open my doors up to just about anyone who is 18+ to come in, and not feel like they are going to be judged or criticized period, but be given a special place to relax and forget about the outside world while -hopefully- enjoying the content I provide! :D

Where did the username come from?
My username originally came from a Dungeons and Dragons character I had made back when I was 12. In middle school, I was banished to the nerd table during lunch, and some of the people I called friends at the time were playing the now super famous Pen and Paper Role Play game. From then on, I used my character’s name as sort of a Homage to that excellent day!

What got you into gaming?
Believe it or not, My mom was the person that got me into gaming. I was three at the time when I was introduced to Super Mario Brothers on the NES, and it’s stuck with me since!

What is the first game you remember playing?
The aforementioned Super Mario Brothers, and I first played it on July 3, 1991 for my third birthday!

Why streaming rather than YouTube?
I’ll be honest here… I don’t have the patience, nor do I have the attention span to shoot or edit video. Cinematography is just not something that’s for me. Those that do, you have all my respect.

If you could only stream one game for the rest of your career, what would it be, and why?
Oh geez…. Only one?! If my life depended on it, the one game I would spend the rest of my career on would have to be Nuclear Throne, with a close second being Heroes of the Storm. The reason for Nuclear Throne is only because during my days as a Twitch Streamer, I kept getting raided by the developers after their livestreams, because I was the only one who streamed it around the times that they would, and I was one of the driving forces of feedback to what the game is today. And the reason behind Heroes…. I’m just an absolute Blizzard Fanboy and I love MOBAs.

When you started streaming, did you have any particular goals in mind?
Not a single goal except to have fun with it! I’m being honest here. All I wanted to do was to have fun with it and maybe make someone smile in the process.

What was your motivation that kept you going when you first started streaming?
I wanted to prove everyone around me that was negative about it and me wrong. I’m an LGBT streamer, and a lot of my family said “Nobody will watch you because you’re a (EXPLETIVE HERE)”. Trolls would come in and completely bash me to the ground. I would get DDoS’d Just because I am gay. Every single person that was out to get me to quit just gave me double the fuel to prove them wrong.

When was your first stream (on each site, twitch, beam, etc) and What was your first stream?
My first stream was on February 15, 2010 on UStream, playing Rock Band 3

What's your favorite part of being a streamer?
Meeting all sorts of cool new people and getting to talk to them! :D

How do you keep your viewers engaged?
Being chill and random and…. Oh look, something Shiny! Seriously though, I love engaging chatters, being silly on stream, but my bread and butter is being helpful and engaging in conversation.

Who was the streamer you looked up too?
Believe it or not, LethalFrag.

Can you pinpoint some of the factors that you believe have made your Beam channel so popular?
I can not. Everyone has different reasons why they think I’m so popular. It would be better to ask around and see why they like me. I’m just a guy who plays video games and talks into a microphone x3

What would you say is the main thing that sets you apart from other people that stream on Beam?
I don’t feel anything sets me “apart” from other streamers. The fact of the matter is We are all a community on Beam. The moment someone tries to be the best of the community, it is no longer a community but a race to see who is the best of Beam.

What are your goals for your Beam channel?
Have fun every day, meet new people, entertain my squirrelly butt off, and hopefully help someone smile.

Do you have any advice for people who are potentially looking to get into streaming?
If you have the passion to do it, do it. You’ll never know if you don’t try it first :D

What about those people who want to stream professionally?
Never give up, work your butt off for it, BE CONSISTENT, and BE ENGAGING.

Was there anything you refused to compromise on?
I refuse to not be myself. Being my surly, girly gay guy self is my strongest weapon, with nothing to hide. Being something I’m not would stifle the experience, in my opinion.

What's one thing that you think is important to have for your stream that improves the experience for the viewer?
Talking with them one on one. Literally. I open up my Discord room to talk with THEM. Questions, chit chat, or just to give them someone that’ll listen and give them advice on something, I want them to know that I want to be there for them. We’re only human, we have a voice, and it’s important to have that voice be heard once in awhile.

What do you see in your future on Beam?
A lot more laughs, a ton more good friends I gather, but still the same old me ^.^

Anything else you would like to say?
Remember this quote, and save it in the back of your minds: “If you feel the prettiest flower is always the farthest from the path, you’ll never pursue it. If you feel the prettiest flower is right there within your grasps, you’ll almost always be wanting more. Nothing is impossible to reach out and grab, but sometimes it takes a little effort to obtain what you strive for.”

Thank you Navi for taking the time to answer all these questions and encouraging us with your words. Remember guys, go check him out show him some love, or just go tell him Meow Bitch on his stream or on his twitter

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