Mixer it Like Beckham ;)

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I know I’ve been talking for several weeks about this newer streaming site called Beam.pro and how amazing it is. If you haven’t seen my post about why I made the change from Twitch to Beam you can read it here! A lot of my streaming friends have asked me, “Kitty, I stream on Twitch and I really want to try to stream on Beam now, what do I need to start streaming on here with you? I think I’ll do a test stream tomorrow!” I cringe at this every time I hear someone say that because this process should not be taken lightly. My moderators and I took 2 complete weeks on researching, studying, lurking, chatting, and watching everything and everyone on beam & their forums. We wanted to know exactly what is going on, what is expected, and we wanted to blow those expectations out of the water, while still staying true to who we are.

Sure we could have jumped in and started streaming right away, but why should we half-ass something when you can take just a little bit of time to do it right? I’ll be honest, taking the time to research everything has paid off for me completely! In 3 weeks of streaming I gained 175+ followers (10+ per stream) and averaging 26 viewers per stream and it’s growing daily. I want to share with you an overview of what you’ll need to start streaming on beam properly. Then in the next few weeks we’ll dig deeper into each of these areas.

First thing is first, you’ll need an account with Beam and unlike twitch you can change your streaming name/account name with beam once every 3 months. This way if you think of a better name you can switch it up, and not have to start over again. Then you will need an overlay, alerts, and bots and there are several options for each of these. Sadly all of them are completely different from what you need or use on twitch and we’ll go over all the differences later on.

You will want to use StreamJar for all of your alerts. Now this site is a little strange as you need to import your overlay into it or “create” an overlay of your very own. To do this, you are going to need your overlay, follower/donation/subscriber sounds, and a new 600x124 alert picture to start with. Then create a new scene and place your overlay using the image button, sounds and alert picture using the notification button. Once that's done, you now have a simple overlay with notifications for your stream. Lastly, you click the launch overlay button to get your URL’s to put into OBS’s Browser Source and that's all there is to it!

The next thing you’ll want to decide on is which bot you will want to use. With this you’ll need to choose between scottybot or blipbot (or both depending on your needs). Of course there are several other lesser used bots but to be honest I don’t think they are even worth the time to even mention.

If you want to dual stream to both Twitch and Beam you’ll need to sign up for restream.io and think of how you want to combine your chats. I’ve played around a lot with this and I’ve discovered what works for me. Of course what works for me, may not work for you so test out all the options and make the best decision for your stream. You can use StreamLink on beam and twitch and have another bot connect both of the chats. I don’t recommend this if you have a very active chat as it gets very spammy and confusing quickly. Or you can use what I use, Ubiquitous 2, it will combine the 2 chats on the screen so IF people want to see what the other chat is saying they still can.

Last bit of general advice is BE PART OF THE BEAM COMMUNITY! Be active in the forums. Be active in other streamers chats. This streaming site is NOT LIKE TWITCH! On twitch it’s every streamer for themselves, but on Beam it’s all about helping each other out and growing together. If you go and hang out with other streamers and talk to them, they will come over and hang out with you. If you stream like you do on twitch, with that same attitude, you will fail miserably on here, and I cannot stress this enough! It also goes beyond just “lurking” in their channels too. You need to communicate with people and have them get to know your name. If you bring over the selfish streamer attitude to beam, not only will your channel fail, but you are making this site 1 step closer to twitch. Remember, you came over to beam for something different and a fresh start!

I honestly took two weeks to stream jump and talk to most all the streamers on here before I started streaming myself. It was a bit of work and trust me I really just wanted to jump in and start streaming right away. However, I did things right, and followed what most everyone else is doing with their community and it WORKED! Like I said earlier this is how I got 175+ followers, 3,000 views, and averaging 26 viewers in only 3 weeks. This site is a dream come true for me, and only because I took the time to do the groundwork first! You only have 1 chance at a fresh start, why not do it right?

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