Bots Blip vs Scotty

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So you have your stream all set up with StreamJar and now you're asking yourself which bot’s should I use? With this guide you will know everything you need to get started.

To do this you’ll need to choose between Scottybot or Blipbot (or both depending on your needs). Of course there are several other lesser used bots (Benbot, Beepbot, and Catcusbot to name a few), but to be honest I don’t think they are even worth the time to even mention at this point in their development, as I don't find them nearly as good or easy to work with.

Personally I installed and used both Blipbot and Scottybot and found them both useful in different ways, my favorite of the two is Scottybot because of the ease of use and GUI interface. However if you want to get into the interactive part of streaming on Beam you’ll need to work with Blip Bot.

Let’s start with Scottybot; this really is as simple as 1, 2, 3. First click on the “Let’s Go!” Button so you can authenticate the bot to do your bidding, then download the GUI. Once you log in you’ll see a bunch of tabs like this, all the typical stuff you’d expect with a good bot. What I really enjoy about Scottybot is the fact that your mods can download the GUI as well and once you authenticate them they can actually help you out and change up most things, on the fly, in your bot. You also can set up follow alerts, sounds, and messages! Then to top it off there is a streamer/mod chat panel so your mods can communicate directly to you during your stream without disrupting the normal streamer/viewer chat.

However the icing on the cake is the fact that the developer of this bot @MrPocketPac is very easily accessible and his lovely admin PhantomLover is a streamer. They are constantly pushing the bot to new limits. If I run into a problem, I can usually send out a tweet to Pocket or Phantom and they’ll respond within two hours or less. Pocketpac also streams the development and coding of his bot on Beam. It’s very interesting to watch, especially since he’s constantly updating the bot to accommodate all the new changes going on with the website.

The other bot that I recommend is Blipbot. This bot is useful if you want easy to use Minecraft integration. All you have to do is toss the Blipbot jar file into either your client (if playing single player), or your servers mod folder (if you play on a server), edit a config file, and you are ready to go. It also has timed messages, custom ranks, and everything you’d expect.

The biggest problem with Blipbot particularly, and most beam bots in general, is that beam is making changes to their chat system as it matures. These updates get pushed with little warning, which means the bot creators are scrambling to fix the issues caused as a result of these updates. Additionally, the Blipbot integration can be slightly flaky at times, either loading the wrong rewards list (which allows people to spawn items, mobs, etc in game while you play for beam currency or your chat currency), or crashing all together. The final issue with the integration is there is very little configurability. As an example: You can’t limit what enchantments or potions are applied from the ‘pool’. This leads to issues if it applies a potion you shouldn’t have, causing crashes or other server instability.

Overall, it is a good bot if you want Minecraft integration, otherwise, I would suggest using a different bot.

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