If you’re happy and you know it.. Stream your game!

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Most of us started streaming because of how much fun it is. It can completely change our gaming experience. The moment streaming stops being fun is the moment you need to decide if you should continue. Now don't confuse frustration and trials (aka the streaming slump) with not having fun, because everyone at some time will hit this point. Some will hit it in three months, others in six, and others after one year. I have a friend right now in the middle of this decision and that moment of doubt can make or break your streaming career.

We all discover what is fun for us in different ways. Some find it in one hundred percenting a game, in beating their best time, beating the enemy in the game of wits, completing the grind, crafting that rare item, or maybe just in the social aspect of the community. In most all these ways it involves completion of something. Most everyone needs this completion in order to feel satisfied with themselves, and with this satisfaction comes the fun and happiness. What I'm trying to say is that the journey may not always be fun, however the end result usually makes the journey worth it.

Just as most games have these trials and rough spots that make us all rage or get salty, our streaming careers will have trials that will make the same way. It makes us ponder if streaming is even worth it anymore or not. This is the moment we must decide if we are going to give up or push through to get to the happiness that is at the end.

I'm a firm believer that the game you choose can have a direct relationship with your happiness. As we talked earlier games that you can complete to your satisfaction will grant you this happiness. I learned this the hard way when I streamed on Twitch, before making the complete switch to Beam. I really enjoy playing survival games (ARK, 7DTD, Subnautica, DayZ, Rust, etc) but there really isn’t an end to any of these games besides death; which isn't fun at all. These games sucked the happiness right out of me and if you were a regular in my stream you might have seen this slow transition in me over several months. You might be playing a different type of game, maybe a FPS that doesn’t have a true ending in it but the competition is there. Whatever it is that is you need to figure out how to bring your happiness back.

In this situation, change is good. It helps keep things fresh and lively. I would suggest a complete 180 change, even if you hate the game it would be something completely different than what you typically play. There's a good chance it will bring in new people and with new people comes new ideas, and with new ideas comes passion and with passion comes happiness. If you have no idea what to stream I would suggest you kick it old school and play something from your past. My 1st official stream on Beam I played the original Sonic, because I honestly had absolutely no idea what to play. This ended up being an amazing choice, as I ended up with 28 viewers, Matt, James, Graphoniac, and MrsLuclin all came in to see me and followed me that night, and you’ve seen the wild journey we’ve had together so far in the past 2 months.

It’s kinda amazing how different things can be when we try to change things up because we aren’t happy anymore. If you aren’t happy where you are right now with streaming, if you're in a streaming slump, it’s time to make that change… it’s time to go get your happiness. Everyone deserves to be happy.

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