Thank You Crusaders!

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As most of you may already know, we’ve applied for a partnership and we were officially approved on Thursday, April 14th. I wanted to take a few minutes to thank all of you who have been on this crazy journey with me. Whether you have been watching for one week, two months, or almost two years. You mean so much to me, and when I say thank you I am not just saying the words, I truly mean what I am saying. My appreciation for you has been completely unlocked.

Of course, there are some streamers who are equally as amazing and fun to watch as me, but still you come by for three hours a night, five nights a week to hang out with us. Why… I don’t know, maybe it’s the consistent schedule I keep 7pm - 10pm CST/CDT Monday through Friday. Maybe it’s the quality of my stream, which I have AutumnDoll to thank for that. Still it might be the positive attitude we share with you every night, or maybe it’s our amazing community!!! I know life can be rough and adulting sucks at times, so we try to kick back and have a little fun so you can forget about life for three hours and relax.

I did want to thank my Mod Squad AKA Kitty’s Bitches. Most of them have been with me for 6 months all the way up to my very first day I streamed. Each one of them has a super important roll and I wouldn’t be where I am right now without them. It takes a lot to run a great community and my “bitches” work so hard behind the scenes to keep everything flowing as smooth as silk. It goes way beyond typing in commands in chat and handing out juice boxes (aka banning trolls). If you are looking to find out what makes a great mod check out this past blog.

Malicee is my #1 mod and one of my best friends. He found me on a raid from a mutual friend after only about a month of me streaming and he’s been at my side almost every stream since then. He helps keep all my details in order and reminds me of just about everything. He does everything from editing and uploading my blogs to getting StreamJar working, to leading me around in DayZ. I honestly would have given up streaming a LONG time ago if it wasn’t for Malicee’s encouragement and support. #BlameMalicee

I’ve known AutumnDoll way before I started streaming, she’s a real life gaming friend of mine and she’s been supporting me since day one. She has done all of my graphics and overlays from the very beginning and does amazing work. Take a look at the progression of my overlays here. Not only has Autumn helped with my graphics but she’s been there to listen to me rant on those bad days, as well as celebrate with me in my good days. #ProudMamaAutumn

KerryPlays isn’t your typical mod, he does most everything behind the scenes. He’s the owner of GameServerGeeks. Kerry has been around for over a year and is constantly coding everything he can get his hands on to help improve the stream. He’s done evertthing from adding the music bot in my discord to coding the backend of my blog. He’s helped me out by sponsoring me through GameServerGeeks and providing me with most any server I could ever need at an extreme discount. If you are looking for a game server use my code “MEOW-BITCH” for 5% off forever on a server of your choice.

MagikTheGamer is someone who is very dear to me as he’s my complete opposite in just about everything. I appreciate Magik so much for this reason because he has been able to give me so many ideas outside of the box that have been very successful for me.

I value Paw_Hatter not only because he is very knowledgeable about editing music and videos, but because he can always make me laugh on those bad days we all occasionally have. He has edited most all of my videos and sound clips. He does an amazing job and I'm very lucky to have him.

VVolfengard is part of my Wolfpack and a very dear friend, he’s been helping me finding the best of the best highlights for my YouTube which helps save me a lot of time to focus on other things. The thing I respect most about VVolf is his honesty & openness. He isn't afraid to speak the truth to me and it has vastly improved the stream.

Goldwolf1 is another member of my Wolfpack and fiercely protective of me. He loves banning all the trolls that come into the channel and has an itchy trigger finger. I cherish Goldwolf because he is an amazing listener and does everything he can to help solve problems. He truly has a heart of gold!

Nelttab is a new to our mod team but has quickly showed me how much I need him! He is a very versatile and is able to help fill in anywhere where he is needed, which is extremely helpful on nights when we are short-handed. I loved how when he joined our stream he fit in just purrfectly with all of us.

Lastly, I want to thank you. Without you, there wouldn't be a need for me so this partnership isn’t about me.. It’s about us. About what we can do together, and I can’t wait to show you what we are planning on doing with you in the future!

Shhh, I'll let you in on a secret. Some of the ideas are: Stream teams, marketing advice, help desk streams, and helping you get people to notice you!

I love you all so much,

Until next time…



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