Interview With TheWalkThroughGamer

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I've met several great streamers on beam and one who started around the same time as me is my dear friend TheWalkthroughGamer. We've have helped each other grow a lot in our channels and as streamers. He is applying for his partnership and I wanted to find out all the little details in this for you. Remember if you have questions you can post them in the comments section below or contact TheWalkthroughGamer directly on Twitter or on his Discord or watch him on here.

Introduce yourself – What makes your stream special?

Hey everyone! What a lovely introduction that was!

So, for those that aren’t aware, I’m TheWalkthroughGamer (TWG) and I’ve been streaming on for the past 2 months and I’ve loved every minute of it.

I love a good walkthrough, which is pretty obvious by the name! Whether that’s through some of the more recent games like Rise of the Tomb Raider to some of my all time favorites from growing up that shaped my gaming history like Metal Gear Solid.

In terms of what makes my stream special, I would actually have to say the simplicity of it. I think of my stream as place where people can come and watch a fellow gamer casually play through a story based game. Kind of like putting on a box set of your favorite TV show / Movie Franchise and just kicking back for hours watching it without having to think too much about it or anything else for that matter.

I don’t over complicate things by playing 4 / 5 walkthroughs in a week, I play 1 or 2 at a push and go through them in detail to exhibit the games positives and negatives.

Where did the username come from?

If I’m being honest, I’m hopeless at being creative, thinking hurts my head too much. Going back to the whole simplistic thing, I’m pretty sure the whole thought process went like this…

Voice 1: Right, we need a clever name for our gaming channel. One that’s memorable, yet not too in your face!

Voice 2: Well, we play video games right?

V1: Yes, so?

V2: And we also like to produce walkthroughs of said games?

V1: Get to the point Voice 1!

V2: Why not TheGamerThatWalksThroughGamesGamer?

V1: Too wordy!

V2: TheWalkthroughGamer?

V1: Perfect! It’s simple, like us!

Voice 3: What’s for dinner?!

And, the rest they say, is history.

What got you into gaming?

I think I was around 5 or 6 when my ‘Mom’ (I’m British, so it feels wrong spelling it like that.) bought me a Super Nintendo console out of absolutely nowhere, I hadn’t even shown any interest in gaming before!

I remember it had a ton of Mario games with it as you’d expect. I played it for hours and hours before and after school and any spare time I had. I was addicted from that day forward.

From there on, I’ve had a console / handheld from every generation at some point and gaming has just generally been part of my life.

What is the first game you remember?

From the collection of Mario games I got with the aforementioned SNES I owned, I’d have to say Super Mario Brothers 3. I just vividly remember ‘The Angry Sun’ level from World 2 that terrified me for some reason.

Well I guess, the sun attacking you when you’re 6 years old is a terrifying thought!

I loved everything else about the game, it was so bright and vibrant and easy to pick up for a young child. I think the ‘Super-Sized’ element of World 4 was my favorite, where everything was just huge!

If you could only stream one game for the rest of your career, what would it be, and why?

Batman: Arkham Asylum. Hands down.

I was at University when Arkham Asylum came out and I didn’t even know it was coming out because I was in my final year and studying very hard! (Promise!)

So, when it came out I was pleasantly surprised as I’ve always been a big fan of Batman. I bought it and played through it and loved it.

I’ve played through plenty of times since. Maybe even 30/40 times since release. (On and Off Stream)

I’m not saying it’s the best game ever, it’s not nor is it anywhere near, but it’s just a really simple and fun game to pick up and play. I call it my ‘go to game’. On account of when I’m stuck for something to play on stream, I love to pick it up and do 100% walkthroughs of it for viewers.

I think I’ve memorized pretty much all of the voice acting too. Specifically The Joker. (Mark Hamill for the win! Whilst writing this, he actually retweeted my upcoming charity stream poster!)

What was your most memorable moment in your streaming career?

Without a doubt, it was the 24 Hour Stream for the charity ‘1Up On Cancer’ from April 1st / 2nd 2016.

I’d never done one before and I was super nervous about the whole thing to begin with. Would I stay awake? Would people donate? Hell, would people even turn up!?

But after all the support I was given before, during and after the stream, it was definitely the most memorable thing I’ve done.

We raised a staggering $835. The goal was $500 and I was worried about not raising anywhere near that amount of money on the day which is what makes it so special. The love throughout the day from viewers, lurkers, Beam staff members was astonishing.

We had so much fun all day! There were people tuned in and stayed talking to me for about 95% of it. Madness!

When you started streaming, did you have any particular goals in mind?

To be ‘The Friendliest Stream on Beam’. (Or Twitch as it was back when I started streaming.) This isn’t to say that no one is as friendly as I am! I know a tonne of amazingly friendly streamers, it’s just something I pride myself on. I don’t just mean myself either, I mean my whole community too.

What was your motivation that kept you going when you first started streaming?

Here on Beam it was just to treat it as a fresh start to streaming. Twitch was fun and I’ll never forget my time on there, but I came here with the loyal 5 or 6 regulars to try and start a fresh to meet a new crowd of people and become a recognized member of the community on the website and the forums.

You've announced that you are going to be applying for partnership soon if not already; what did you do to prepare yourself for this? What steps did you take?

At the time of writing this, I haven’t applied yet, I’m in the early stages of drafting everything up. But, I do have certain events and ideas I am going to be implementing to try and prepare myself for the possibility of partnership! Edit I applied for partnership last Sunday, April 24th

300 Follower Charity Stream - As a celebration of hitting part of the criteria for becoming a partner on Beam, I promised I’d do a charity stream for 1UpOnCancer again. So on Friday 22nd of April I’ll be raising awareness of the charity throughout the day by playing through one of my favorite series of games, the ‘Batman: Arkham’ Series and raising some much needed money for cancer sufferers in the US.

A Full Rebranding of “TheWalkthroughGamer” Brand - Kitty has put me in touch with the wonderful AutumnDoll who has agreed to help me rebrand my channel / social media / sub emotes for potential subscribers etc. You can check out her website if you're interested in rebranding yourself here.

All of the artwork you currently see on my channel was taken from free online templates that I later adapted. They aren’t that bad, but I still don’t feel as though I have a strong ‘identity’ like some of the other streamers on Beam. Which is why I want to have something made that’s instantly recognizable to my viewers and fellow streamers with a professional look to it.

There’s some great ideas floating about and I’m very excited about what we’ll end up with.

Website Build - As well as a rebranding, I’ve been working on a website that show cases the brand itself. It has the stream incorporated into it and I’m looking to get things like a forum added for people to come and ask questions, discuss future events, showcase their own streams / projects.

Planning for Stream Team - This is something I’m happy Beam is introducing and I’ll hopefully be able to create one myself if partnered. I’ve said it 1,000 times on stream and social media, but I’m all about teamwork and community. I’d like to create a team for people who are looking to grow themselves on Beam that is lead by someone who has been through it all.

I’ve been very fortunate in my time on Beam as people have always offered to help me with things and I’d love nothing more than to do the same with people who are in the same position as I was when I started here.

What are the 2 biggest tips or secrets you can give to smaller streamers who want to apply for partnership in the near future?

Tip 1 - Plan early - Start planning now. Draft up ideas for taking things forward. If you’re ready to go when the time comes around, you’ll be one step ahead at all times.

Tip 2 - Co-ordinate with your mods - If you’ve got a team of mods, speak with them about expectations for the channel and what plans you have going forwards to help expand and see how they can help you achieve these things.

What is your biggest fear with the whole application process?

Missing something off the application that could cost me not being partnered. I’d hate to have to wait for 3 months just because of something I’d not mentioned.

What is the one thing that went wrong? How did you overcome it?

My 24 hour stream VOD not being there when I finished the stream. There were so many great moments that happened in the stream so I was devastated. I maybe should have recorded locally, but I didn’t want to heap extra pressure on my PC for 24 hours. Maybe it’ll teach me next time!

Sadly there was nothing to do to fix it or get it back!

When was your first stream (on each site, twitch, YouTube, beam, etc) and What was your first stream?

I don’t actually remember when or what my first stream on Twitch was if I’m being honest!

My first stream on Beam however at the back end of February and was a full ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’ walkthrough followed by some Rocket League! I also remember being raided by two partnered streamers from the site - JPRocket45 and Kiwi21Mango which made me feel so welcomed!

What's your favorite part of being a streamer?

Definitely meeting people. I’m a big people person, I like to know what makes them tick. I like to hear about the things in their lives, whether it’s good or bad and to be a friendly face to talk to or vent to. It’s kind of like being an agony aunt that plays video games!

How do you keep your viewers engaged?

Questions, questions, questions. Like the last answer, I’m a people person so I’m extremely engaging with them! So I think it works both ways and the conversation keeps flowing.

I also like to go into detail in my walkthroughs and explain to the viewers what's happening in the game, where I’m going, what I’ve done. I think it helps viewers understand what’s going on and that I’m not just a mad man rambling on!

Who are the streamers you look up to?

You of course Kitty, as I do love the way you run your community. Other than you, I’d have to say Lagby.

Unfortunately, I can’t watch him as much as I’d like these days because we seem to stream at the same time, but his fundraising stream for Neospell blew my mind. He brought a whole community together to help raise funds for a new PC for him. He ended up raising over $1,200. It was such a great act of kindness. The world could do with more acts of kindness like that.

Can you pinpoint some of the factors that you believe have made your Beam channel so popular?

No two streams are the same. I’m always doing or talking about something different. The same goes for the games I play. I don’t play a particular ‘genre’ of games. I’ll play anything once and try and showcase as many different games as possible!

My community ‘The Walker Club’ also have a big part to play too. They use my channel as a place to network with each other, arrange to play games together and have an opportunity to flaunt THEIR channel / YouTube / Artwork etc as much as they’d like.

What would you say is the main thing that sets you apart from other people that stream on Beam?

I think just the general relaxed nature of the whole place. I’m not afraid to make an ass of myself by being bad at a game or saying something silly.

I’m also welcoming to everyone each time they come back and I make a big fuss of people whether they are new to the stream, there every day, or haven’t been round for a while. I want YOU to feel comfortable being in the stream. No one is ever treated any differently to anyone else, whether you’re staff, partnered, a lurker, an avid chatter or a completely new person to the stream.

What is the one thing you learned from streaming on Beam that you didn’t learn streaming on Twitch?

That there IS such a thing as a community within streaming. As I said, I have no issues with my time on Twitch, but the one thing I do think it lacks is a sense of community.

On Beam, there’s this sense of family looking to drive each other and the website forward to bigger and better things every week.

It’s also very nice to see members of staff popping in and out of each channel. It makes the streamers feel great that they get to speak to part of the driving force of the website.

Do you have any advice for people who are potentially looking to get into streaming?

Be yourself! (Cheesy, I know!) - You don’t HAVE to have some crazy gimmick that makes you stick out from the crowd. I know I don’t.

Also, accept that there will be days where next to no one will be in the stream when you’re starting up. It happens, it’s all part of the experience. You’ll feel like giving up. But don’t. Trust me.

Was there anything you refused to compromise on?

I’m not one to play a game just because everyone else is playing it. For example, there’s obviously a big Minecraft following on Beam, but I’ve never had an interest in playing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy watching people play Minecraft, I find it quite relaxing to be honest, but I wouldn’t just start playing it because everyone else is doing so.

What's one thing that you think is important to have for your stream that improves the experience for the viewer?

On my stream personally, I’d say my webcam. I love the viewers to see my reactions to things! Jump scares, big twists in games or even my despair on my face when I’ve been stuck on the same part of a game for 45 minutes! It all adds to the experience! (There are multiple screenshots lurking around on the internet. Not all of which are flattering!)

Anything else you would like to say?

I’m pretty sure I’ve said enough. Did I mention I like Batman? Bye!

Thank you TheWalkThroughGamer for taking some time for this interview. I know there are a lot of streamers that want to apply for partnership and are getting close to that point. I truly hope that this will inspire more of you to walk that partnership road. And lastly WalkThrough, good luck with your partnership application. We are all crossing our fingers!

Until next time…



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