It’s Not What You Know… But Who You Know!

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Let’s face it… no matter how good we are at streaming we won’t know how to do everything. I know Photoshop and I can make my own overlays, but does that mean I can make amazing overlays.. No. I’m secure enough to say that I need help when it comes to putting everything together for my stream. I’ll give you a list of almost everyone I know that has helped me and how to contact them.

Overlays, Graphics, Emotes and/or Marketing: AutumnDoll
Autumn has done 100% of all my overlays since I started out streaming on Twitch and helped rebrand myself as I transitioned over to Mixer. You can check out her work on her website.

Logo work: Ratyal_GFC
Typically she charges only $5.00 but for a few dollars more you can get a short video done with your logo spinning around. I’ve used her work several times and each time I was very happy. Check out an album of her work she’s done for me here and album of other work.

Custom gif work and/ 3D graphics: LilEthan000
LilEthan000 did my very first custom sub alert. He’s also done graphic work for several YouTubers such as SGCBarbierian, ZombieWarsSMT, and SkyDoesMinecraft! He’s a young and very talented man. You can see his portfolio here.

Game Servers Company: Game Server Geeks
Not only are they competitively priced but they have the best customer support from the multiple companies I’ve worked with. Their servers are located in Canada which helps even the ping most all gamers trying to play together across the world. Ask for your "MEOW-BITCH" forever discount and follow them on Twitter for secret extreme deals!

Encouragement: Mrs. Luclin
She is one of the happiest ladies I’ve ever met and yet she truly has a rough life. She posts up encouraging images on Instagram daily. She’s also on Twitter as well. If you need someone to talk to or need any sort of a pick me up, she’s always there to help others. ||FS||

Video and Music Editing: Paw_Hatter
Paw edits all my music commands in my stream channel and has created several promotional videos for me. You can see the latest Kitty Meow Bitch video here and contact him at his Twitter.

Animations, Graphics, and Colorizations: Nominal Giant
Nominal is a streamer on beam and does great graphical work especially when it comes to animated lower third graphics and colorization of black and white images. You can see his portfolio here.

Coding and stream alerts: GamingDaddies
Netherbrain is the definitely the brain in this stream group as he is coding notifications not only for follows, subs, and hosts, but for ANYTHING you can imagine such as specific words typed in chat, or if someone joins your discord server. If you’re interested in something like this contact them. *Note: You should have a little bit of coding knowledge as there is no UI yet. You can also find them on twitter here.

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Never miss another blog post again! Click here, to be emailed when a new blog is released!