Numbers Will Fluctuate And It’s Okay

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In the past two weeks, there have been discussions among partnered and non-partnered streamers about the recent sudden drop in viewers. I know first hand how disheartening and frustrating it is to watch your numbers plummet for seemingly no reason after putting your heart and soul into the content you’re making. This is where it’s so important to remember why you started streaming; was it because you had 10 or maybe thirty average viewers? Was it because you had an active chat? Or was it because it was just a lot of fun? We all started off with less than 5 viewers in our channels and it was still fun to stream back then! So what’s the difference between now and then? Numbers.

I'll be honest with you few weeks ago even I was thinking what the hell am I doing wrong? Where are all of my viewers? I know I'm better than this! Once again this comes back to having an amazing mod team; as I told you before I call my mods my Mod Squad and they encourage me after every stream and especially on those “bad number days”. Having this daily encouragement is necessary and so beneficial to a streamer because without it it's so easy to give up, be hard on yourself, and then talk yourself into a downward spiral of streaming depression.

The thing you need to remember is numbers will fluctuate both up and down. Viewers will come and viewers will go. Right now it is the end of May almost the beginning of June and in the United States of America this is considered to be the final testing week for school or school has just let out. This means many of your viewers are going to be studying or enjoying their first week of freedom from school and may even be going away on vacations. So a lot of your viewers are going to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather having barbecues, drinking a cold one, going for bike rides, or whatever people enjoy doing. But don't worry they will come back. This is also the importance of having a set streaming schedule as your viewers might not be there every single night but just like a good TV show (which is technically what we are.. entertainers) they know we'll be there. And that's what we need to be we need to be there.

So you might be saying well I'm a partner in streamer I need to have better numbers I had them before why not now? Lagby talked about this in one of his streams and basically said after you are rewarded with the partnership button and responsibility of partnership, it usually becomes even harder to maintain your numbers. Personally I agree with this because the site is always changing always evolving. There are new streamers everyday, always something fresh, something new, and something exciting. People typically only want to watch the same show everyday for long periods of time if it's a damn good show and if you don't change even just slightly change you'll be left behind. I'm not saying change who you are as a streamer, I'm saying change things to keep it fresh so you don't become boring monotonous and predictable.

All in all think back to when you first started streaming; why did you start? Hold on to those thoughts, hold onto those feelings, and keep streaming. Your viewers, your followers, and your stream team will be there for you and so will I.

Until next time…



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