There’s No Lag In This Interview With Lagby

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I’ve recently spent some time to get to know a partnered streamer on beam that goes by the name of Lagby. I’m amazed at how many similar we think; we share the same ideas about partnership, numbers and several other topics as you’ll read below. Take a minute and check out why Lagby is such an amazing streamer.

Hi! Introduce yourself – What makes your stream special?

Hey there! I am Lagby. I am a unique personality that enjoys making people laugh and smile throughout the day. An “In your Face” kind of guy.

Where did the username come from?

The Lagby name came during a time of slow internet for early games of multiplayer action. Games like Unreal and Quake had a different feel and Lag was a real issue. So always Lagging by was my opinion of it during those times.. Lagby (pronounced Lag-bee) was born.

What do you call your followers? Why did you chose that name?

The Lagsters! Love my lagsters! I think that name was one of 3 that ended up being voted on during a stream in my chat. Thought up by the community, for the community.

What got you into gaming?

I was an only child, at a time that internet did not exist. Stuff like electronic games were a thing. (these handheld devices, not phones, that had little red lights on it and made you think you were playing a an all star football team.) As an only child, you tend to get bored a lot, games were an excellent escape from it! *Kitty’s comment: I still have my classic football handheld game! It’s in my basement!

What is the first game you remember playing?

Radio Shack electronic tv scoreboard, it’s a 70’s thing.

Why streaming rather than YouTube?

Streaming, love the interaction with viewers! You just don’t get that kind of feedback with YouTube. However if you enjoy YouTube here is my channel where I have highlights from my stream.

If you could only stream one game for the rest of your career, what would it be, and why?

It wouldn’t be a surprise to many that my answer to this is World of Warcraft. I’ve played this game for about 11 years now and it’s a great game to get the community involved with. It’s my go-to game.

When you started streaming, did you have any particular goals in mind?

I did, I want to be a rockstar.

What was your motivation that kept you going when you first started streaming?

My motivation.. Mainly the unknown. I wanted to know what might or might not happen. I didn’t know much about streaming and didn’t have any expectations in the beginning. It was and is exciting for me learning all new things and meeting new people. I realized very early on that if I wanted this to go somewhere, I needed to treat it seriously, with work-like ethics, a schedule I can keep to, and a goal to keep forward momentum with.

When was your first stream (on each site, twitch, beam, etc) and What was your first stream?

My first stream was on Sept 10th, 2015 on YouTube (live). It was a 3 min stream (still there). Twitch I believe was during the course of that week. And I created my account on Beam on Oct 1st the following month.

What's your favorite part of being a streamer?

I love the Beam community. My Lagsters are my favorite part. The people I’ve met make me feel great. When I have a great day streaming, it’s almost like it refills my tanks to carry me through some tough times. As a streamer, I discover the rewards I never knew existed. It’s amazing.

How do you keep your viewers engaged?

This is the million dollar question to a lot of new streamers. It’s a question I’ve asked myself several times. There’s no book, video, or guide to follow for this. Everyone is different. I turn on my camera and say “Hi!”... after that, it’s all a blur until I shut the camera off. I just remain true to myself and audience. There’s no act. Apparently people are entertained by this.

Who was a streamer that you looked up too?

I look up to no one. I am my own person. It is a unique recipe that only I carry. There are no other Lagby’s that I can watch. I think everyone carries their own recipes too.

What stream teams are you a part of? Why did you want to join those specific teams over all the other ones available?

Notorious Network, The Lagsters, and the Beam Partner Team. I am a streamer noob, I didn’t really think about it until Beam announced that there would be teams available. I hadn’t considered any team (there were none at the time) until I was approached by Dubstepclown about partnering up to create something special, so Notorious Network was born. The Lagsters is a team I created for my community of awesome like minded individuals. And the Beam Partner Team.

Can you pinpoint some of the factors that you believe have made your Beam channel so popular?

I’m not sure if I would consider myself “so popular”... but some key factors are a lot of hard work and great people from my community has put me in this spot today.

What would you say is the main thing that sets you apart from other people that stream on Beam?

All I played was the World of Warcraft for about 5 months, 7 days straight (which soon turned to 6 days). I was partnered as a WOW streamer.

What are your goals for your Beam channel?

There’s a lot of work ahead for me, but one day being able to pay my bills doing what I love right now, would be fantastic.

What is the one thing you learned from streaming on Beam that you didn’t learn streaming on Twitch?

I didn’t really spend a lot of time on Twitch. But hands down the community at Beam is unlike any other anywhere. It’s because of that community, I learned how much fun streaming can be, wouldn’t be worth it otherwise.

Do you have any advice for people who are potentially looking to get into streaming?

You want an audience? Find a game you enjoy, install some software, grab a mic and a cam, and have a blast. Maybe someone will enjoy it with you! It doesn’t happen overnight, so be ready to put in the time and dedication for 0 return. It’s a lot of fun, and that’s how I started.

Any advice to those people who want to stream professionally?

Don’t be fooled, with the Playing Games, Laughing, and seemingly millions of dollars being thrown at our feet and pedals being tossed around everywhere we walk. It’s a lot of hours and hours of HARD work on and OFF cam, a ton of mental fatigue and frustration, and possibly years of it. It’s not a sure shot, and not everyone is qualified regardless of how many years they put in. I don’t make a “living” doing this. I am running on the smiles and support of my audience. If you come into this thinking you will be making one, stop and think again. Like anything else in our lives, not everyone is entitled to be a Rock Star or Movie Star.

Was there anything you refused to compromise on?

My Loyalty and Friendships

What is the one thing you cannot stream without?

My wife’s support. Without Jacita’s support, I would not be doing anything crazy like streaming 40+ hrs a week. She has been my base of strength and support since we’ve met.

What's one thing that you think is important to have for your stream that improves the experience for the viewer?

A camera is key. If you already have a cam, make sure your voice’s audio is heard above all else. People will lose interest if they can’t hear you talking over the game sounds.

What do you see in your future on Beam?

I see some great times coming, I’m going to be loving every minute of it! Maybe a Beamcon and finally start meeting some great people at them!

Anything else you would like to say?

I’d like to thank you Kitty for inviting me to this interview! You are an awesome streamer and I really do enjoy reading your blog. :-)

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