The Crusade

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Since I started streaming almost 2 years ago, I wanted to be partnered. The only reason for this was so I was able to put together a proper stream team, and do what a proper team should do, help each other grow. The idea of “teams” frustrates me to no end because most teams out there are merely social groups that don’t offer any perks to their members.

My mods and I have spent several months talking about the ideal stream team in not of who is on it but what it can offer those who are on it. It’s more about improving ourselves and thus TheCrusade was born. We are currently working with our first group of streamers and we are seeing incredible results with most of our streamers. I truly feel like we are helping each other make big steps in the direction that they want to go whether it’s partnership or just a larger audience of viewers.

To become part of TheCrusade one must first apply to be part of the team. We are very strict on who we will accept. Some people might think that joining our team will instantly give them success or will help boost their numbers, and that’s not what we are about. We are all about putting in the hard work, dedication, and having honest open communication. The members of the team who are putting in more time and effort are the ones who are getting more out of it. Each of our streamers are improving and some have taken this opportunity to vastly improve not only their stream but themselves as well.

We will pick new streamers to join in on TheCrusade every other month after several weeks of watching everyone who applied. Our first round picks were EmptySpiral27, the GamingDaddies, RufioGuy, MagikTheGamer, and MeGoesMoo. Each week these streamers and myself participate in a weekly exercise and discuss our discoveries in our private discord channel.

I know you may be asking yourself, “what are these exercises that are so beneficial to your team?” I’ll share some insight from our first week’s exercise; we had to watch each other’s stream/vod and offer a pro and a tip (something very good and something to improve on) to each and every streamer on the team. Here is one of our pro/tips that was posted:

“PRO: Def excited you are playing games you enjoy vs just what's popular, it makes a big difference because you talk about the game more. Energy was consistent throughout the whole stream. Tip: Consider (over time) looking to upgrade your chair and desk. Hunched forward as you are playing, you look more inviting when you are sitting up a little bit taller. I also suffer from restless leg syndrome, but when you shake your camera shakes from your desk too.”

Here’s one more:

“Pro: You’re very interactive with chat and you advertise well on twitter, lots of smiles and overall a very welcoming feeling. Tip: Zoom cam in a little as your background is very busy and look at the cam more. Remember when you look at the cam you are looking at the viewer.”

Each week we have a different exercise and each week we dig a bit deeper into ourselves and each other. We have seen huge improvements in all of our streamers, whether it is them communicating more, having less “focus face”, changing their camera angles, improving lighting or sound, or just looking at the camera more. Of course all these changes one can do themselves they don’t need a group to tell them. The reason why you need this group is because we want to help improve you.

Once our streamers have completed their journey through TheCrusade they have a few options:

  • Participate in the program again with the upcoming new group, as there is always something to improve on.
  • Stay on the team as a mentor to our upcoming new group.
  • Leave the group and continue on your journey as a much better streamer.

If you are interested in joining us on TheCrusade and taking that first step to improve yourself you’ll need to have a few requirements first.

Need to have an open ear and mind for improvement

  • 50+ followers
  • Know who you are as a streamer
  • Set streaming schedule
  • Be willing to work hard for the change that you desire
  • Join my discord and be an active user in the specific team based (Crusade_Stream_Team) text room
  • If you are a “mature” streamer make sure your mature setting is turned on!
  • Follow @TheCrusadeGroup on Twitter

This group isn’t for everyone and we are aware of this. If and when you decide that you are ready to be on TheCrusade and take that next step to improve your stream fill out the application and someone will reply back to you shortly. If you don’t get an invite right away it’s because we watch all the applicants for a while before we bring on our new group every other month.

I’ll leave you with a quote from an actual member of our team;
“When I applied to the crusade group, I felt two things; nervous and a tad pessimistic. You see I've been in a couple of "stream teams" and they've all been "we're going to help you do this, or let's support each other", only for people to not to do anything for each other. I've been screwed multiple times, either of my time, effort, or sadly even my money. So yeah I was skeptical of TheCrusade. Even upon the discussion we had about starting this stream team with Kitty’s other mods I wasn't truly enthusiastic about it. Let me tell you from the bottom of my heart, I was wrong. I came in and saw the document with the weekly exercise on it and immediately thought "wow this is different already." I introduced myself to the other members and said politely, "I don't want these exercises to be sugar coated and I need to be criticized. I want to know what's wrong or what I can improve on and I will return the same to you." I’ll be honest, this is what a stream team should be all about. I learned I wasn't talking directly to my camera, that I could use better angles on my cameras, and that I need enjoy what I'm doing! I'm learning with the right help how to improve my stream; and it's shown big results. I work my ass off to fix these "issues" and I also gave my fair share of tips to the other members and I can see that everyone is improving. It's not a social hang out. It's a stream team, TheCrusade! MARCH ON!”

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