How To Stream On Mixer: TLDR

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So you want to stream on, you don’t really know where to start? Don’t have the time to read my 10+ blogs on how to start streaming? Well never fear, the TLDR version is here! Let’s get you set up with what you need to help you in your stream and how to stream properly on Beam. It is a completely different horse than the “other sites” and you cannot treat it the same as the other sites.

As I said earlier Beam isn’t anything like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, or Hitbox. They are a COMMUNITY driven INTERACTIVE streaming site, and because of this community you will need to focus on this by networking first and foremost. Most of your potential viewers will not come and see you if they do not know who you are beforehand; Beam is very much like a family. #BeamFamily

You’ll also want to follow several people on Twitter as they will keep you updated on most everything that happens on Beam or can auto retweet your tweets for you. Besides following me and my stream team TheCrusade on Twitter, you’ll want to follow Mixer, Matt and James. They are the CEO and COO of Beam. Then you’ll want to follow the three Beam auto retweeting services @MixerShares and @MixerRetweet. Now when you decide to use these auto retweet services you will not want to use all three in your tweet or it will look cluttered and desperate for attention. Choose one maybe two tops and I’d recommend using @WatchBeamRT and @BeamRetweets as they have the most followers; 435 and 193 respectively as of today. More followers equals more viewers to see your tweet!

The next item you’ll need is StreamJar for your overlay and alerts. This site can be a bit confusing so if you need more information on this you can refer back to my blog on it or you can talk directly to the staff on their Discord. Once you have that working you’ll need to have a bot of some sorts to help keep the trolls out, run your commands, and protect your private information (block out key phrases of your phone number, address, last name, etc). For this I would recommend Scottybot as it’s free and the developer is extremely active in keeping his bot up to date and adding in features/requests that us streamers truly need. You can check out more information about Scottybot on my previous blog post.

Lastly, there are several places you can go to if you have questions about beam or if any problems arise while you're streaming. I would suggest you be active in the unofficial Beam Discord and in the beam forums. If/when an issue creeps up on you such as extreme buffering, links in chat not working, stream not going live, anything like this you’ll want to put in a support ticket to Beam here. I highly recommend you put in a ticket for anything that needs to be fixed or corrected as the staff might not know there is a problem unless there is a ticket in the system.

If you want any of the information that we just discussed in more detail there is a blog for that and we’ll continue to update information as time goes on. Good luck and happy streaming from my heart to yours!

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Never miss another blog post again! Click here, to be emailed when a new blog is released!