Interview with Rebranded Streamer Nominal

Sometimes as streamers we can hit a wall and it’s nearly impossible to move past it. At this point some streamers will consider a “rebranding” of themselves to get that complete refreshing feel and aspect to their stream. It could be as little as a brand new overlay, to as much as a new layout, OBS scenes, logo, graphics, and music which is what I did a few months ago when I got partnered on Beam. Let me introduce you to a friend of mine who went through a complete rebranding and wanted to share the process with you.

Introduce yourself – What makes your stream special?

Hi I’m Nominal, you might know me from my old name Nominal Giant but I’ll explain the reasoning for the change in a bit. I think maybe the one thing that makes my stream special is my focus on interaction. I spend more time talking to viewers than anything else and thats because thats the sort of thing I like to see in streams. Unless the streamer is involved in some kind of “E-Sport” there really is no reason to ignore the chat. Realistically I’m not a gamer per se I’m a streamer. To find out more about that Kitty_haz_Claws has a blog talking about Gamers Vs. Streamers.

Where did the original username come from?

It's a pretty dumb story really. About 4 years or so ago I purchased an XBOX 360 and was trying to come up with an XBOX live name. Everything I thought of was boring so I let XBOX decide for me and from that day on I was Nominal Giant. I ended up liking the name because it was sort of an oxymoron Nominal meaning a “small amount” and giant….well you get it :)

Why did you drop the Giant from your name?

I decided to drop giant from my name for three reasons. First, I no longer wanted a name people had to think about it was a fun name but I don't think many people got it; lol and that's OK because it definitely was a weird one. Second, people have always called me Nominal or Nom. Third, by itself Nominal represents a new beginning. When I had Giant in my name it always felt a little egocentric like I knew I would become some sort of internet celebrity overnight or something silly like that lol.

What exactly is rebranding?

For me rebranding of course was a name change and new graphics that represents what I’m trying to do (start over new) but mostly it's about changing personally both to better my streams and myself. Nominal Giant represents a time in my life as a streamer when I was going a lot of things wrong. Rebranding is a step down the path of changing all those things I felt were hindering my community and myself.

Why did you feel you needed to be rebranded?

I felt like I needed because I was doing a lot of things wrong. For starters I would play any game I had that was at least top five on Twitch or Beam, EVEN if I didn't like it just to try to get a crowd in. You wanna talk about burn out haha! Try doing that for 2 year and tell me how you feel when you open your steam game list to find you are so burned out you don't wanna play any game you have even when you’re NOT streaming. That's why I needed to go away for a month and rebrand. If i didn't I would have crashed and burned and that would have been devastating for me, personally.

What steps did you take to rebrand yourself?

Well of I changed my name and graphics but most importantly I changed my perspective and how I’m doing things. The rebrand was all about letting myself be me and doing the things I wanted to do and no longer doing things to try to pull in a crowd. I figure when it's all said and done I’ll make more amazing friends for who I am rather than just fans for what I do. Not that fans are a bad thing but for me as a streamer, it's more fulfilling to make great friends along the way as well.

What is the most overlooked thing in the rebranding process?

I’m not sure really, if I had to guess though I would say most often it's not changing beyond your look. You know? Like changing habits and practices I would say.

What was your most memorable moment in your streaming career?

I was doing a charity stream on Twitch for my friend who had cancer, We were trying to raise money to help her with medication. I didn't expect a lot of activity but to my surprise just out of the blue Pungence, Cubulous, Tyedesignes, and SkyzmLp show up to my stream with most of their viewers and blow me away! It was awesome :D Cube and Pungence had a donation war and to this day that's the most viewers I've had in a single stream. I think for the whole week long event we had between 50 to 200 viewers at any given time. AND we raised more than $1000 and most of that was before we even started. Streaming communities can be wonderful and loving or heartless and brutal I’ve been lucky enough to have found myself surrounded by the good ones.

When you started streaming, did you have any particular goals in mind?

When I started streaming I wanted to use my graphic and video design skills to basically hit it big and at the start that seems awesome and totally doable but you quickly find that it's not as easy as it looks not by a long shot. What got me interested in it was simply seeing other people doing it and seeing how much fun it was and how great the communities can be. The reality of streaming is for me do what you have fun doing, Don't worry about doing things you THINK will bring an audience because in most cases no matter what you are doing there will be someone who enjoys watching and don't worry about numbers take it from me...focusing on your numbers can ruin you. Not saying it definitely will but there have been a lot of streamers who fell off because they weren't hitting the numbers they thought they would. It almost happened to me hence the rebrand. Like I said before I was doing a lot wrong NOW my focus is on just having fun and going from there :)

What would you say is the main thing that sets you apart from other people that stream on Beam?

I really don't know that there is really any one thing that sets me apart from other streamers that's really a question for the people who watch. That's to say I haven't really found my angle yet.

Thank you Nominal for spending some time explaining your journey on rebranding yourself. If you or a friend are in need of a rebranding and you don’t know where to go to begin this process. You can always contact AutumnDoll who is a graphic designer via her website.

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