Why My Mod Team Differs Than Most

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So a few weeks ago I explained about mods in general and I got some feedback saying “This is great and all Kitty, but I wanted to know how you got YOUR mod team; not mods in general. Your team is so different from all the others I’ve seen on Twitch and Beam.” So let me tell you all about my #ModSquad. The first two official members to my mod team are AutumnDoll and then Malicee; but of course like most of you I’ve had mods come and go, some were amazing, others not so much. Choosing your team is very important and there are many hard lessons I learned along the way.

Let me start off by telling you about Autumndoll. She is a real life friend of mine a graphic designer and a marketing manager. She knows exactly what works and what doesn't work and how to study trends to see the patterns. I owe a lot of my success to her and her suggestions. A lot of times I think she's crazy with what she suggests and her bold strategies for me but she's usually correct and I've learned to trust her completely. It's been very fun to watch her style evolve and change over the two years that I have been streaming to better suit the current needs of my channel. I am very lucky to have a creative artist as a mod as overlays can be very expensive along with all the graphic work that goes along with streaming. She has donated over 2000 hours of her time working on artwork and helping me out and my stream.

My next mod and best friend is Malicee. He’s been with me for my whole streaming career minus 2 months at the very beginning. So, I can honestly say that he knows just about everything about me when it comes to my streaming career. We have developed a close and deep trusting friendship. This man is the driving force behind me he has encouraged me through several bad times and pushed me through several brick walls that I have hit during my streaming career. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today if it was not for him and for his constant encouragement. Malicee has also supported me financially from the very beginning and has truly helped me out in purchasing some very big ticket items, such as a DXRacer chair, a Blue Yeti Microphone several steam games, & several other items.

I have the utmost respect for these two friends of mine, and to show it I take care of them equally as well. We all know that love, appreciation and respect is best when it’s a two-way street. Typically I will pick them games up off their steam wishlist such as OverWatch, Depth, Golf with Friends, DayZ, Final Fantasy, etc. or send them my world famous Banana Bread or Chocolate Chip Cookies. The main thing that works out the best for us is the open and honest communication and I know I talk about this all the time. But because we were such good friends at the beginning we already established that communication and only built up from there. It also helps that after all of the streams we typically hang out and play games together. It's a nice break and it also helps in team-building communication skills.

I am a firm believer that because Autumn and Malicee has set such a high standard for being a mod that's all the other mods that I have entrusted have just naturally fallen into the same standard that was set before them. This is a very crucial thing as we all need to be on the same page. Sure we all have our downfalls but we have talked about our downfalls and our strong points and we work together so that we are closer as a team and there are no weak points within us because we fill in each other's weaknesses.

Some of the really difficult lessons that I have learned is that casual friends typically make the worst mods. The reason why I say this is because most of the time friendship is based on making sure each other is happy and sometimes we don't always speak the truth to each other because we know it will upset them. Autumn and Malicee as you may know are not my casual friends, they are my absolute best friends, and it puts them outside of the norm for this rule because we have worked so hard and so long with having that open and honest communication. Autumn has no fear in telling me when I'm wrong (Meow Bitch!) and I know Malicee can tell in an instant when I’m off my game or not myself within minutes. I've also learned that just because a person is in your stream every single day all the time does not mean they would make a very good moderator. Time doesn’t always mean quality. If they are not the style that you need or want then it will not work out. If their style is very laid back and relaxed and you need a more high-action person that would be a horrible fit and no one will be happy.

Of course I have several other mods on my #ModSquad besides AutumnDoll and Malicee and they are equally as important to me and to my stream. Each person shares in my dreams and goals and several are streamers themselves; such as MeGoesMoo and MagikTheGamer. We share very similar ideas and goals in our streaming careers however each of our actual streams have a completely different feel to them. All in all what I am trying to say is we share similar ideas but our experiences are very different and when you bring that altogether it is just perfection. Nothing is lacking.

The team that I have slowly put together and that I have right now are all very dear and very special to me in their own particular ways I love, trust, and respect each and every one of them. But things like this do not happen overnight; it is a constant struggle, it is a constant battle and you will not always get what you want. However, if you work together and as long as you guys are in constant honest and open communication it will work out. Modding can be a serious business so you gotta make sure you have time for fun. Make sure you guys do things as a group outside of your stream, like play games together on a nightly basis.

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