VR Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive

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My buddy LazyBumGamer recently tried a cheaper way to achieve a true VR (Vertual Reality) experience. As we know there are 2 main widely known VR systems out the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift which both are $750+ which is out of most of our price range. So he set out to find a good quality cheaper route. Check out his discoveries!

Hi there Aba here or LazyBumGamer, today I will explain to you how I managed to get my VR stream step up. You can watch the actual test stream with it here.

List of items you need:
1- Android phone (that is Google Cardboard compatible).
2- VR Headset for your phone, any will do so no need to get fancy. Here is one that is cheap! There are others that are a little more money and much better quality.
3- VRidge software on your phone and RiftCat for your PC (the PC software cost $20).
4- Wifi connection or USB cable.
5- Leap motion controller (additional optional cost).

This whole step up is cheap if you want to VR games with controller/keyboard support and only a few dollars more if you want to play VR games with actual tracker supported controllers.

Actual Instructions
1- Install the software on both your phone and PC.
2- Connect your phone in the same WiFi network as your PC or through the USB cable.
3- Open the software on both and adjust the settings to your liking.
4- Click connect (it connect automatically if you set it to that).
5- Then select “play STEAMVR games” it will start installing SteamVR engine.
6- Wait until the STEAMVR finish installing and starting up.
7- Click run room setup on STEAMVR.
8- When room setup start select standing only,
9- Follow the on screen instruction.
10- Select your VR game.
11- Open OBS and select the game as you normally do when you stream.
12- Then put your VR headset on and enjoy!

Important note to remember:
Not all game will work 100% since this is a work around.
Some games might require a patch to be able to play it on VR (like Subnautica).
The software might crash don’t panic just restart steam and software on both pc and your phone.
VR games may cause you to be disoriented or nausea or movement sickness.

This link is the tutorial I followed to help me set up my VR

Thank you LazyBumGamer for taking the time in explaining all this to us; it sounds pretty simple to do. If you guys have questions please post them below or feel free to tag LazyBumGamer on Twitter or follow him on Beam.

Until next time…



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