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Some of you may know I was secretly planning a KittyCon event for awhile with my mods. Well it finally happened this past weekend. I truly wanted to meet all these people I love and trust in person. I wanted be able to say thank you face to face with them and learn who they are in real life. It was such a unique experience and I truly learned a lot about myself and them. If you want to see / experience the whole thing check out on twitter #KittyCon2016 I posted up lots of photos, tweets, periscope videos. You’ll see everyone’s expressions as they try the world famous KittyMartini for the first time. :)

I had shirts designed for this special event by 3lemental that said “I survived KittyCon 2016” for each of my mods that came up to partake in all the shannegians with me. We started off the trip with Malicee, MeGoesMoo, WifeMoo, W1ndex, Kitten and myself going to eat at a wonderful restaurant called Portillos. If you never heard of it; it is a Chicago based restaurant that serves Chicago style hotdogs, italian beef sandwiches, fries, shakes and their famous chocolate cake shake. It was sooo good, and I’m so glad I was able to finally share the experience of this amazing restaurant with them as I talk about it so much to them.

When we got back home and after we dropped Kitten off at grandma’s, Expi and AutumnDoll joined the party. Autumn surprised us by bringing handmade gifts for everyone. She hand painted 8 tall shot glasses that said KittyCon 2016 with a pink heart and each of our names on it. This night I made spaghetti and meat sauce for everyone and we played Cards against humanity (the bigger blacker box). This was the point when I had everyone try a small shot of a KittyMartini (you can see the video on my periscope). Most were like HOLY S*@% that burns. :) So it was a blast to see how everyone reacted to my signature Blue Drink.

After things got a lil' Sassy; I had everyone try on one of my wigs of their choice and we grabbed a few photos! Autumn and MeGoesMoo most definitely wore it best! Later on we played a fun game called Betrayal at House on the Hill which was a lot of fun and it was REALLY hard not to laugh at MeGoesMoo who thought he looked fabulous in my wig as he wore it all night.

Late that night when Malicee went to take Leona out for a walk, I decided to join my best friend as well. It was nice to get out and actually talk one on one with the main person that I’ve entrusted just about my entire stream too. We talked about life, stress, family, and of course streaming. He’s just as caring and compassionate as he is in my stream and on discord. MeGoesMoo is more goofy and silly in real life than he is on stream; and it’s hard to take him seriously on anything. Haha.

Saturday was a super fun day as we all got ready to do the ultimate group building/bonding event called The Escape Chambers! Basically, you are locked in a room with your team for 60 min and you need to find all the clues to unlock the padlocks to get the next clue and the next and the next. It's all about communication and combining multiple ways of thinking to work together to find a way out. We ended up getting out with 16 min and 34 seconds left. We almost beat the fastest group but they were only a few seconds faster than us. It was a fun experience and I highly recommend it for all people to experience at least once in their lives. After this, MeGoesMoo discovered that the Escape Chambers had a small arcade in it, and played a round of DDR. Sadly the machine was in really bad shape. One of the foot pads was completely shattered and the game looked very old and in some much needed repair. In fact all the machines at the “arcade” looked worn down, old, or broken.

We then went to an all you can eat sushi bar that was nearby and stuffed our faces with all different kinds of sushi. I ate 4 rolls myself along with a few appetizers that we split. Of course some of our eyes were bigger than our mouths and we ordered a bit too much but thankfully MeGoesMoo and Banditb17 were able to finish up most of the leftovers.

When we got back home we played a round of Tales of Arabian Nights, and then tried a new game called Concept which was really fun. This was a game of Pictionary where you could not draw and only use symbols to describe the item that you were assigned. It truly forced you to think outside the box. Later on in the evening when it got dark we decided to go outside in my backyard and start a big bonfire. It was really nice to just sit down and watch the Flames dance as we sat and chit-chatted about life, goals, and our streams.

I learned a lot about 1st impressions and how important and memorable they are. (Notice I didn’t say good..I said memorable). I was told by one person there that when they first joined my stream (over a year ago back on Twitch) that I was “loud and obnoxious”; but they came back because they saw that I welcomed everyone into my stream and made them feel at home. Another person told me that their 1st impression of me was “She may have the #BestHairOnBeam but that’s totally a wig” and left my stream. The next night this person was back on Beam and thought “I wonder what the lady with the wig is doing”, and this happened for several nights and they were hooked. So even though these 2 people may not have had a “good/fun” 1st impression of myself something stuck out to them that made me memorable. Make sure you have something memorable about your stream.

The biggest lesson I learned over this weekend is that sometimes when things get scary you just need to push through it or you can miss out on some amazing opportunities. Most of you may know that I have social anxiety and that I’m a slightly different person in real life than I am in my stream. After I put on my wig and press the “Go Live” button I become an empowered and sassy Kitty. It’s still me; but it’s an extreme version of me. I have trained myself to push past my social anxiety and put on the best stream I possibly can for you. It also helps that while I’m streaming I’m technically “hiding” behind my computer. However when I met these wonderful people, my friends, in real life my social anxiety kicked into full gear and I was a wreck.

I barely talked unless I was on periscope or drinking at night. Then, because my friends were seeing the true raw Kitty instead of the super energetic bubbly Kitty I got scared that they wouldn’t like me. It terrified me to the point where I couldn’t relax my body at all. I was so tense all the time and I finally started to relax Sunday morning right before everyone was starting to leave. This was the biggest mistake because if I would have forced myself to relax and just push through it I would have experienced so much more and shared many more memories.

Don’t get me wrong; I had a lot of fun and made some amazing memories. I just keep thinking what if… ? I feel as if I restricted myself from experiencing everything and I regret that because I thought I was protecting myself from my social anxiety. I honestly wish I could do it all over again and try to push through my fears. I guess there is always next year…

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