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I’ve recently had a lot of people on ask me in my streams if Mixer will turn into a Twitch-like site with the recent acquisition of Beam to Microsoft. I know many people who are on Mixer currently came here because of negative experiences on Twitch and they wanted to get away from it. Whether it was too many trolls, not being seen by viewers, too negative, or possibly being banned for a whatever reason. Part of me says I kinda hope so; and the other part of me says I hope not. It’s a double edge sword and let me explain why.

Let me start off with saying that yes, Mixer is considered to be the new kid on the block when it comes to streaming sites in comparison to Twitch. Everyone who streams has heard of Twitch and there's a very small select few who have heard of Mixer at this current moment. So the community on Mixer.pro is extremely tight and we have used the #MixerFamily and #MixerLove with the upmost pride. We truly were and are a family who cares and looks out for each other. The community is something that I have never experienced on any other site in my entire streaming career and a lot of people are scared of losing this close-knit #MixerFamily with this acquisition.

If you are one of the people, like myself, that is afraid of losing the wonderful community that we have at this moment then you need to be proactive and you need to share that #MixerLove #MixerFamily with as many new streamers as you can. The only way they will know about it is that they experience it for themselves through us. It is our responsibility to show other streamers on here what attitude is expected and accepted. And that attitude is acceptance, patience and love. Of course there will be the random troll which is completely expected. Of course with more people there will be more trolls. However you just report them and then ban them don't even give them a second look or an ounce of attention and they will fizzle away.

Now you must be asking yourself Kitty why would you want Mixer to be like Twitch? I would love to have more people on Mixer, which I know will happen in time, and I would really like to have more people experience the positive side of streaming. Do I want all the trolls, drama, and the cam girls? Absolutely not! I want more of the quality “smaller” streamers that are hiding in the shadows of all of the big partners on Twitch to come over here where they will be appreciated and respected.

I know we are all trying to build up our own communities and stream channels but you cannot forget about the smaller streamers they are the backbone to Mixer. I’m a big supporter of smaller streamers and I’m constantly watching and lurking in streams that have 2-5 people in it. Always remember that EVERYONE has been a “smaller streamer” at some point. I remember that it took several months for me to get a core group of 10 viewers back when I was on Twitch.

So, will Mixer turn into a Twitch-like site with this acquisition? I have no idea... the question should be will you let Mixer turn into a Twitch-like site? What are YOU going to do to make sure the #MixerLove & #MixerFamily stays the same? For me, since I started streaming on Mixer I made a conscious effort to be nicer, more outgoing, and truly interested in other streamers. If you are a streamer and you come to my channel most likely I’ll ask you to tell me all about your channel, what you stream, what times, because I truly want to know so I can go support you. I do a AMA on the 1st Friday of every month (our next one is this Friday, September 2nd at 7pm CDT) where you can post your questions in advance for me to answer or research for you. It’s always been our biggest streams and I truly feel like I’m sharing the #MixerLove when I’m able to help so many others. So, as I asked earlier, what are you going to do to show all the new people the #MixerLove and welcome them into our #MixerFamily?

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