Interview With Most Unique Stream On Beam

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I wanted to spend some times and have you meet one of my friends who has a very unique stream here on; he goes by the name of MeGoesMoo and he’s a DDR dancer. I know what you’re thinking… “So?” Well he’s not just any DDR dancer; he was in statewide competitions and won! He’s a master at DDR and takes your requests just about every night on his stream. Take a few minutes to discover the most unique stream on Beam for yourself.

Introduce yourself – What makes your stream so unique?

Hi there! I’m MeGoesMoo (You can just call me Moo). I like hockey, food, and making people smile! I’m unique because I play games with my feet ^.^ Yes, the standard DDR but also other games as well like Undertale! Have you seen anyone play Undertale on a dance pad?

What do you call your followers? Why did you chose that name?

I call my followers “Moofia”. I got this name one day while I was playing GTA-V. I was streaming the game and someone in my chat was like “Hey what if someone owes you money in the game?” And I replied “Well I’ll send the Moofia after em to deal with it!” It kinda stuck and I love the name.

What got you into DDR gaming? How long have you been DDR-ing?

A long long time ago (13 years to be exact) My friends brought home this game and was like let’s play this! It was DDR. We all fumbled around, we were all terrible, we laughed at each other instantly! Since, I was a heavier kid in high school I saw an opportunity to possibly lose a little weight. So I made a decision to get my lazy butt off the couch and continue to play some DDR. It stuck with me and during this time I lost 75 lbs.!! Between years 10-12 Most arcades began to close and I began gaining weight again. I’ve now bought a house and now can play whenever i want! (especially for you guys!!) I’m currently ½ way to my weight goal of 250 from 280 I’m sitting at 264! So I highly recommend playing this if you are currently looking to lose weight. Don’t worry about being good! Just put your feet forward ;D

What other things do you like to do? Games you like to play?

Like I said before, I LOVE hockey! Watching, playing, talking! Anything really! I play goalie and let me tell you there is nothing more satisfying robbing a savvy shooter on a breakaway. Other things include hanging out with the wife, eating good food, and just relaxing on any given day. Other games I like to play include but not limited to Pokemon, Diablo, Overwatch, NHL… and the list goes on and on. Also thanks to Malicee I’m getting into board games! Not your standard monopoly but games like Arabian Nights and House on the Haunted Hill!

What was your motivation that kept you going when you first started streaming?

Well to be honest I kinda got dragged in by a good friend. He got me into watching and playing in a few streams. He was the also the sole reason why I moved 450 miles away to buy a home and start over again. The couple of people that came into my stream to watch made me feel good! I wanted to make it a point to get all these people to smile. So, if I was able to put a smile on your face on a crappy day then I feel I’ve done my job!!

What's your favorite part of being a streamer?

Like the last question. Putting a smile on the viewer's face is what keeps me going! I like to see new people come in and be amazed about what I do and ask questions to find out more.

What was your most memorable moment in your streaming career?

I wanna say that first tip you get will always be memorable. I still don’t understand why you people do it (even though I do it myself) but it just blows my mind.

When you started streaming, did you have any particular goals in mind?

To create a place where people can be themselves and just be happy. I know that bad days will happen and I hope to be that person that people can go to when they need to be cheered up.

Why did you come over to Beam from Twitch?

I went through a super rough patch. This year alone has been an ultimate emotional roller coaster. We got married!! (yay!) My mom unexpectedly passed away at 53! (boo!) I bought a house!! (yay!) my heartbroken grandfather also passed away. (boo!) I got a new job that I love to go to every day! (yay!) and this is how this year has gone. Needless to say when I lost my mom, I was a wreck. I disappeared from my close friends for 3 months or so. In this transition of 3 months or so Kitty had moved over to Beam. I wanted to get back to streaming to feel a little normal again to get routine back and she suggested I make the move. I’ve never looked back. The people, the community, the “Moofia” you guys got my life back in order.

I heard that you used to have light up shoes when you danced, any plans on getting another pair?

I DID! How ever they broke :( And at $50 a pop i don’t know if I can just go and buy them if they break over a period of time that I had them. I use an alternative of LED shoelaces. Although not as bright, they do the job OK. Maybe i’ll look into getting a second pair to try it again.

What goes into making a “step chart”?

A whole lot! You gotta have some music sense (or know how to tap perfectly) to figure out a speed to a song. I use a metronome to help with this process. Then after that you have to get a “flow” to a song. Does it slow down? Are there bass drops? Does it need a complete stop? All this needs to be taken into consideration. THEN the arrows gotta make sense! When you are dancing the next step needs to correspond where the feet currently are on the dance pad ! It’s not a 10 minute job that's for sure. So don't worry I WILL get to the requested songs…………….. eventually!!

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