Storytime With Halios00

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Hey everyone! Name is Charles and I go by Halios00 on the internet/games/adult conventions. I accidently fell onto the name Halios from a DnD session when I was young. I was trying to use the name Helios, which is a Greek God of the Sun but spelt it wrong. I’ve used it ever since and love the name so much, I actually respond to it more than my actual name sometimes! I am a 28 year old male that loves walks on the beaches and headshots but not at the same time. I’ve been in and out (gigity) of the streaming business for around 2 years now but have been watching streams for probably 5 years now. I used to tune into when it first started and have been hooked on streaming ever since.

When I started streaming, I actually started streaming only Runescape and WoW. It was really the only games that I could get running on a small laptop that I was using at the time. I enjoyed it though. I kept seeing people like Cohh and Ellohime at Twitch enjoy streaming so much and I really wanted to try to build the community that they had, mostly so I could have a huge group of friends that I would see every day. Hard to believe but this sexy beast here had a problem retaining friends in real life due to bad decisions with women and different paths in life. So, I wanted a core group that I could call my friends everyday.

Streaming has done just that though. It has brought together people from all walks of the planet that normally wouldn’t ever speak to each other. It’s hard to imagine that you’re the spark to some friends meeting and becoming close; all because you pushed a “Start Streaming” button and were brave enough to put yourself out there. I’ve met people that I will always call friends, probably for the rest of my life. I can literally name people that, if I were to quit streaming today, I would still stay in contact with. And that’s such a beautiful thing.

Beam has shown that streaming is starting to go in directions that no one has even imagined. With such a short delay and a focus on interaction, streaming is starting to become a mainstream for entertainment. I find myself actually enjoying watching some streamers over actual television and, for the first time ever, ordered a minimal TV package with the best internet because of how much I prefer streams. There is so much untapped potential that Beam is starting to show and I can’t even imagine what they will do next. It’s an exciting future!

My background is a weird one. I like to say that I grew up fast and had to make strong decisions in the face of reality before I should have. Between addiction, commitment issues, and general empathy, my childhood and the “parental figures” that are my biological parents don’t meet eye to eye. I’ve fought depression and even deeper thoughts that took over my life and caused me a lot of pain in that time. But that’s for another story. It’s a good foundation though to realize why I am the person that I am today. Carefree, loving of a good time, and weird beyond belief but I like to try to be around for anyone that needs it. I’m also 6’2 and 240 lbs so my bear hugs are of a small cub level but still very big on a human scale.

My stream is of a “more mature” variety focus. I stream every night at 1 AM eastern US time (so I guess “morning”). Literally every night, I’m on. I tend to have a mixture of crude jokes, questionable statements, and varying gameplay. I play any game that is thrown to me and give my honest, sometimes even comical, opinion on the game. I host theme nights every week so I can continue my variety streaming but focus on specific genres a few nights a week.

My schedule is this:

Sunday is Sub Sunday. Subs to my Discord, GameWisp, and hopefully to my channel soon! get the chance to use 3 points to vote for a game of their choosing to play on Sunday. It can be any game that is acceptable to ToS. Each point counts as a vote and votes are tallied an hour before the stream starts. Top point getting games get played first and we trickle down the list at 30-45 min intervals, playing each game. If we run out of games, I tend to go back to a game on the list and play more of it.

Monday and Wednesday is my Freestyle night. You’ll see me completing game stories, competing on the highest levels of competition, and generally playing what I love to do.

Tuesday is Toast with Me night. I dual stream with BasicallyToast for the night and the hilarity of the night is crazy. Any game is on the table and it usually ends in guts being busted from laughter. We’ve been known to kick ass in Dead By Daylight, shake butts in Gang Beasts, swing dongers in Mount Your Friends, and have life changing conversations about butt touching and the rights of fluffers. It’s an experience that makes you a man!

Thursday is Jackbox Night, one of the most popular nights of the week. I’ve been running this for a good 4-5 months now where we play just Jackbox or Jackbox inspired games (Cards Against Humanity or other community games). Eventually, I want to make this “community night” where we literally play games that a bunch of people can be a part of but Jackbox night is great so far! Friday

Friday is Horror/Survival night, where I play a game of the genre and tend to pee my pants. I am a scardy cat when it comes to horror games so the screams are relentless.

Saturday is Indie Night! I LOVE THIS NIGHT! I play games that you usually don’t see other streamers playing, games that small teams have made or unknown games that you might have never heard of. The community and I have found some gems out of these nights and I love doing them!

It’s been almost 2 years of streaming and now my focus is on turning my hobby and love of streaming into something more. I am currently a server at a nicer restaurant. Yes, it pays the bills for myself and helps me to live a comfortable life where I can order food and spend days off with my girlfriend. But, I would give up the comfort in a heartbeat to accept the struggle of making streaming a full time job. It’s a rough road but I have never believed in not taking risks to get what you want. I could easily take the easy road and continue to serve or move up in the company. Or, I could leap, take the drop, and hope to hit water. It’s been such a ride that I can’t even imagine where the future is going. I can’t wait to see it though.

I feel like a part of my success is heavy networking, a part is my personality and who I am, and a part is just being a good person. I’ve always been a person where I’m willing to help anyone and everyone (when I don’t run out of time) and have streamed solutions to questions for people to make sure they are helped. I have laid a foundation for a wonderful community with the “Tavern” theme and it continues to grow today. I am so proud and blessed to be running such an amazing experience that is this stream.

If I had to give just one tip (if you’ve heard me talk, I have a ton), I want to take something that has stuck with me through from the time that I watched it. I stumbled across a Jim Carrey video one day while probably looking for stupid videos and cat par-core videos that literally changed my perspective on everything. It made me change a huge part of my life and pursue the degree that I want and the career that I want. The tip I want to portray is to take the risk that you’ve been scared of and never lose the vision of who you are on the way. Sometimes, the risk doesn’t pan out the way it was supposed to but you’ll have a lesson and a story for the future. So many people changed who they are or what they are about to fit a certain image. I am an improv comedy streamer that is in love with life and willing to be there if you ever need a shoulder. Who are you?

If you would like to be part of my community you can find me at any of these places!

Until next time…



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