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We all know that Mixer is completely different from any other streaming site out there; but do you know why it’s completely different? It’s because of the community. It’s something that I’ve never experienced ever before and because of this it makes networking so much easier.

Networking is probably the #1 way to get your name out there in the Beam Community. Every single partnered streamer will say it comes down to this one thing. If you don’t take the time to network with others you will go nowhere. The purpose of networking is to grow your core viewers and this way you have a larger “pool to fish in”. There are 2 main ways to network, raiding and watching streams. Easy Peasy right? Not really…

The purpose of raiding another channel is to show your viewers another streamer that they might enjoy to watch. Usually the person being raided is someone the streamer enjoys watching. The style, game play, personality, or streaming times might be similar to your own and therefore your viewers will probably follow and enjoy them just as you do. After the raid is done don’t forget to host that channel, because it helps promote them to your viewers. But don’t worry, I know you might be thinking… so far this only helps them, but what about me?

Don’t worry, raids help both the raider, and the person being raided! Once a streamer has been raided, it is only polite to take a minute and talk about the streamer who had raided you, talk about how you enjoy their streams, what their streaming style, games, and/or personality is like. A ‘shout out’ is also something that should be done as well. So as you can see, if raiding is done correctly it will help your friend out, and it will help you out as well.

The other way of networking is doing what you love to do; watching streams. Here is the catch, don’t promote yourself in other people’s channels. DON’T BE THAT PERSON! That includes: Hey I need to go set up for stream, I’m streaming in __ minutes, Hey I’m a streamer too!, etc… do NOT talk about your stream at all unless the streamer (of who’s stream you are in) asks you. Don’t even hint at it. It’s rude and tacky. If you need to leave to set up your stream just say “Hey I gotta go lurk for a bit, have a great one!”

I know you must be asking how do we network without promoting ones self? The answer is simple, talk and get to know the community, have them get to know YOU and your name. This way when they are scanning the “now streaming” list because we all scan the list to see who’s on and who’s not and they will see your name and say “I know them!” Let’s go check them out! I’ve met some amazing streamers and communities this way.

So just dive in deep in communities, discords, and streams. Put some REAL time into it. Not just a stop by the stream get your shout out and lurk for the rest of the time. That’s not networking, that’s mooching. I know time is very limited for most of us, so you need to be smart with your choices on who to network with. However, there is always time to follow up on discord, watch streams as your doing homework, or send out supportive tweets or retweets.

I’ve taken some time to reach out to some of the Beam community to ask them how they network; check out what they have suggested.

Lagby: Meet people in their streams, get to know the people in the community, they are the people that will make up your community.

Murderklok: Never think someone is too big or out of your reach to talk to, vv, never think you're too big to talk to someone new.

AutumnDoll: Try not to think of Networking as "Networking". You're making friends and connections - people want to hang out with their friends. Never self-advertise while networking. Let the questions and conversation flow naturally, don't be the one to make it awkward.

Mr. Kelso: Engage in conversation and get to know people. You can do this on Twitter or in chat. Build friendships.

Magnetron: What goes around, comes around. So give.

Atrocity: Spend time with streamers of all sizes and get to know them, share best practices and grow together

Sora: Find streamer you enjoy and just talk to him/her. Ask question it always a great conversation starter.

Halios00: Touch many butts and actually show that you enjoy the communities instead of just popping in and out. Streamers notice this stuff.

Malicee: Get to know everyone you can and say hi in the forums.

Wyntr: Find communities you enjoy being a part of and just be yourself.

Serphimor: make friends, not business connections. <3 friends are willing to help out other friends!

Navajo: Make friends and be apart of the community. People make time to come to your stream. Do the same. it goes along way.

Leavaris: I’ve been making more time to watch streams lately, I’m so glad I’ve made this decision. Time is limited so I’ve cut into my streaming time by 2 hours and use that time to spend in other streams. I don’t want anyone thinking all I care about is “MY” cast or “MY” community, and to be honest as busy as life is, it just hit me; I literally don’t spend enough time in streams of those who support me and other casters as well. So now I try to take 2 casters every day and spend an hour in each stream and actually talk to them not just lurk.

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