Love and Respect

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With the elections finally over I wanted to touch on a subject that hits close to home. It doesn't matter to me who you voted for or for whatever reason. There have been people from all sides and parties who have been extremely negative and extremely disrespectful of other people. I honestly think that sometimes these people forget that we are united together whether it is through America or through our community or just through video games.

I have never publicly taken a stance one way or another because I would rather take a stance on being a positive and encouraging person to my community and to my friends. There is way too much negativity in the world today and we experienced a lot of it last night. I would rather keep up that beacon of hope and help encourage people to smile then to be brought down by the disrespect and hatred of others.

We all talk about the #BeamLove and #BeamFamily so this is a great opportunity to show what we truly believe. And yes we all have differences in opinions, emotions, and reasons for what we believe; and I know they are good, solid, valid reasons but that does not mean we need to cut each other down and be degrading to each other.

I lost several friends last night because they wanted to assume which way I voted and based our entire friendship on the policies and politics of one presidential candidate. I understand life is not fair but to judge a person based on that solely is wrong. I know for a fact that my #ModSquad voted for all three major president candidacies. I respect and support them for their decisions because I know they are doing what's best for them and for their families.My ModSquad may not agree with each other politically but that does not mean we don't love each other and still respect each other. The way my moderator team handled last night made me so proud and I am so happy to be able to call them good friends. Remember that it is OK to agree to disagree. It is not ok to group up every single person that voted for a single candidate and label them as an entire group and say nasty and despicable things about them as a whole. We are above that or at least I would hope we are above that.

It breaks my heart to see so much hatred being thrown back and forth between people who used to call each other friends and community members. Remember that you guys were friends before this and hopefully you will still be friends after. Don't let something like this tear it away from you.I am a very emotional person and I truly take to heart when people say things that are very mean. It affects me greatly, however as of today I refuse to let other people control my happiness any longer. I know I stand for positiveness and encouragement like I always have and I will still stand for that no matter what happens. I will not unfriend you or hate you or talk about you behind your back or categorize you because of the way you voted. I will respect you and love you and continue to uplift you and encourage you to be the best damn person you could be because of that is how I can show my love to you.

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