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With Thanksgiving being right around the corner for all of my US friends, I wanted to talk to you about thankfulness. Being thankful means that we should have a feeling of gratitude or expressing some sort of appreciative motion towards others. During my recent times of depression and anxiety, even on my worst of days, I know that I have amazing friends that truly care about me. They will take the time to talk to me, give me a (virtual) hug, or just say it's going to be ok; and for this I am thankful. It's all the little things in life that truly make us appreciative of what we have, no matter how bad life can be.

A few days ago I had a very rough day dealing with my depression. I have no reason for it, nothing triggered me, it was just an overall rough day. The amount of private messages and tweets showing support and love meant the absolute world to me. Some tweets said I was an awesome and caring person, others said that they will always be here for me, another person sent hugs, another said hang in there blue skies are ahead, and another person said to keep your head up. These little simple sentences are sometimes the only thing a person has to hold onto. So when you send these little messages of love and support you truly do make a difference in someone's life. You made a difference in my life.

I'm starting to realize that it's not the happy people who are thankful, it is the thankful people are happy and I am truly thankful for my friends and my #BeamFamily. You are supporting me during my rough times and are constantly a strong rock for me to lean on. I know who you are, you know who you are, and it does not go unappreciated. I'm so very thankful that I found a streaming site like Beam. A place that I can call home, a place that has a warm and accepting family, and a place that is so openly loving.

I am thankful for you.

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Never miss another blog post again! Click here, to be emailed when a new blog is released!