#Meow What?!?!

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Meow what? Did she just say that? Why would she be promoting such a horrible negative word? The youth of today are so uncultured. How dare she talk like this. How can Beam promote a streamer like this and support her?!?

These are all things that I hear from concerned viewers all the time when they first enter in my channel and that's if they even say anything. Because of this I can safely assume I get several reports on a daily basis because I use a profanity as my ‘catch phrase’. Sadly, I get judged before they even get to know me or before they even ask why I do this. It's sad that the world is quick to judge and assume the worst.

The definition of the word bitch means a female dog. I really don't know who or how the term has transformed over the years into a negative word against women who are unruly, obnoxious, overly annoying, and selfish. Somehow, over the years, someone has taken this word and transformed it into something else that is accepted across the world. Anyone can take a single word and turn it into something extremely negative. When I was younger I used to run around and call my friends door knobs because it sounds hilarious when you call them that. Say the word out loud it almost sounds like an insult, door knob, but it's not an insult. If enough people adapt and use it the way that I did as a child it would become more widely accepted and it would become the “norm”. Once again it all comes down to what everyone accepts as the norm.

In my case the term bitch is said as a sign of love, affection, and empowerment. There is enough negativity in the world so my goal is to take something negative and turn it into something positive; something people will hear and be proud of. I’ve been promoting this idea for nearly 3 years and it has helped a lot of young women be proud of who they are. A dedicated viewer and subscriber of mine was constantly being teased at her high school so she took what I said to heart and stood up for herself and said yeah you’re right I am a bitch, smiled at them, turned, and walked away. That was the day she empowered herself. She’s been making a lot of friends and she’s a lot more confident of herself now since that moment in her life.

I’m proud to call myself a Bitch, I know many of friends are proud to be bitches as well. The question is.. Are you?

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