How To Stand Out from Among The Crowd

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You are a streamer who broadcasts everyday for 5-8 hours. You network, you raid, you tweet, you subscribe to others, but yet so many of our peers are doing this exact same recipe for success. How can I stand out among this endless sea of streamers?

In order to stand out from among the crowd you will need to be comfortable with who you are, whether you need to put on a beautiful wig, shine up that sexy beard, or do your pre-stream workout. You need to have the confidence to be YOU and let the strength of who you are shine through. It doesn’t mean that a massive difference is required, it’s about generating admiration and being someone special and worthy of looking up to.

Think of your favorite streamers, why do you like them? Why do you look up to them? Why are you part of their communities? Is it their attitude? Maybe they are enthusiastic, positive, or passionate. Is it their ability to interact with you? Maybe they are always accessible to chat in discord, are very friendly, or just a knowledgeable mentor. Is it their willingness to contribute? Maybe they are extremely helpful and offer advice on all things streaming.

The main thing that separates streamers is that some take risks and do ‘different’ things. You just need to find your ‘different’ thing. Separate yourself by figuring out what YOU can offer everyone else. In order to make yourself memorable you must create memorable experiences. Here are a few examples of ‘different’ stuff partners do:

LumberJack Dade
Lagby says “I made everyone in my audience feel like they matter. I sincerely care about people who've had bad days and always offered to listen and tried to turn that around for them. I feel if you remain true to who you are and have a true passion for what you are trying to accomplish with your stream, you will succeed with hard work and determination.”

Take a minute to click on these names and look at why these partnered streamers stand out; sometimes it’s a silly dance, or an extreme love of something or maybe they just found a need and filled it. If you see something you really like, improve on that idea and put your own unique spin on it. I suggest to people that they should take a few hours and watch through the entirety of one of your VOD’s. Watch it completely, take notes on what you are already doing, how you do it, how people react to it; then take it up a notch!

If you say that you don’t do anything unique or different or you have no idea where to start, always remember that your personality and smile are unique, start with that and make sure they shine throughout your streams. Or try to find a need and fill it, for example with the Beam’s LevelUp Casts being switched to Friday’s at noon pacific time I knew a lot of people were at work and wouldn’t be able to watch or because of timezones. In fact MagikTheGamer asked me to take notes on the LevelUp Casts because he’s sleeping during them since he’s an Austrailia streamer. What I started to do to help a friend ended up being extremely helpful for several streamers and now I’m the unofficial note taker for all the LevelUp Casts. You just never know what may help set yourself apart unless you take that chance and try.

Ask yourself these questions to help you get started:

  1. What are the three things that make you memorable?
  2. What do people always compliment you on?
  3. What are you passionate about that you never get tired talking about?
  4. What unique experiences have you had?

Once you have found what makes you unique, work on incorporating it into your streams, community, and ultimately your brand.

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