2016 really wasn’t all that bad!

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Most everyone I’ve talked to has been saying how horrible 2016 has been… how it claimed so many celebrities, how it’s been so hard, etc. Technically, every year claims hundreds of people we just don’t hear about all of them. Technically, every year is bad for this reason or that reason; but why focus on only the negative when there was so much good that happened?

The reasoning for this is simple; negative emotions generally involve more thinking. The information is processed more thoroughly than positive emotions, so we tend to focus more about those negative experiences and use much stronger words to describe them than happy ones. In order to balance out 1 negative emotion the average person needs to experience 5 positive emotions or events. This could be a huge reason why there is so much negativity in the world and so many people trying desperately to help encourage others. #EverythingIsAwesome

Every year around this time I put aside a few hours to really go through and remember the year; all the goods and all the bads and try to figure out (if possible) how to change the bads into goods. For example, I was streaming on Twitch for 2 years; it was starting to take it’s toll on me and I nearly gave up on streaming, but in February I made the switch to Mixer. #BestDecisionEver. Since coming over to Beam things have been amazing for me. Partnership within 3 months, discovering #BeamLove & #BeamFamily, new friends, a new stream team called ‘The Crusade’ which has been a dream of mine for almost 3 years. (My team is more like an 8 week class there I take streamers under my wing and help fine tune their skills to help them get to where they want to go in their streaming careers.) Not to mention all the amazing things happening to Beam right now!

The way I look at it is this; I’m going to do my best to focus more on the positives of life, it’ll help my #MentalHealth, my overall mood, and when I’m in a good mood the people around me are typically in a better mood too. Real smiles are contagious. I’m not saying to fake it; I’m saying I know there will be bad days where we take a step back and focus on the bad. I’m saying that as long as I’m more positive than negative then I’m moving forward.

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