Beam 2.0 aka #December

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We, as humans, are creatures of habit; we enjoy what is familiar and reject what is new. I think this is the biggest outcry about the Beam 2.0 aka #December that rolled out last night for everyone across the platform.

We tend to reject change almost immediately because it could make us feel like we’ve lost control over what we know (i.e. our profiles or maybe our routine), we could feel lost since everything could be moved around to a new location, and it could mean that there will be more work. However, the more we play with it the more the change becomes more familiar. As it becomes more familiar we will then become more accepting of it. I’m a firm believer this will be the case with Beam 2.0 aka #December.

Pro users and all the partners were able to experience this Beam 2.0 for a few weeks already and have submitted a lot of bug reports that have been fixed; however there are still some more bugs out there. As streamers, moderators, and viewers it is our responsibility to report all these bugs no matter how small so we can have the best experience on our platform as possible. I personally have a command set up in my discord and chat !ticket that will output “Are you buffering or having some issues with beam? Please put in a ticket here". This makes it really easy for your community to report any and all bugs they experience. Please free feel to borrow this idea and use it in your communities.

When I messaged Matt Salsamendi about the changes happening on Mixer he replied with “This update is super cool because it lays the groundwork for so many improvements in the future; this really is just the start. We really did rewrite all of Beam in only 4 months, so there's bound to be some quirks, but bugs are being squashed like crazy! The feedback we're getting is awesome”

Bug reporting is going to extremely important for each of us to do; yes each and every one of us! If we take the mentality of ‘well someone else will report it’ or ‘it’s not that big of a deal how many others will take that same mentality? If this happens then nothing will be reported, the bug will remain, and there will be complaints that it’s not getting fixed. This can all be avoided by reporting the bugs in the proper way. Another thing we need to remember is that when the staff get a lot of tickets on a specific bug/problem they will put more importance on fixing it faster, so in turn don’t skip on reporting a bug because you know it has been reported already.

Don’t forget that when you are reporting these bugs to let the staff know whether you on a Mac or PC, are you on mobile or tablet, are you using IE, Chrome, Safari, are you using Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 95, or Linux. You can also right click on any live stream and left click on “stats for raccoons” (aka the staff) and put that information in the description is well with your ticket. The more details that they have the faster and easier they can fix this particular problem.

I really believe this new Beam 2.0 is going to be so much better. You’ll notice a lot of these changes the moment you sign onto Beam. The first being a completely revamped home page that showcases multiple streams and you have the options of toggling on/off interactive streams so you can find them faster! You will now also have the option of signing in with your Xbox/Microsoft account as well, as well as super low latency if your streaming with FTL (Faster Than Light). You can find out more information on FTL in my Beam Level UP Casts notes here. I suggest you bookmark this page as well as it will be updated at least every week.

As PigeonMAN said in his stream earlier today; “Beam 2.0 looks more professional, clean, sleek and sexy. It’s much more up to Microsoft standards now”.

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