Are You REALLY Ready To Be A Partner?

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You have probably noticed that there have been a lot of streamers being partnered recently on Beam; and why not? With their ridiculously low requirements of 300 followers and 30+ viewers it seems that just about any streamer can attain partnership right now; but are you REALLY ready to be a partner? Do you know everything that goes into a Beam partnership? Do you know what they are looking for in a partner? Are you even partner material? I’m going to help you through this process so you can decide for yourself if this is for you.

As I said earlier, Beam at this moment has a ridiculously low requirements of 300 followers and 30+ viewers (for 2 months) in order to start the process of applying for partnership. So what does 30+ viewers mean? It means that throughout your entire stream you should be averaging 30+ active viewers/chatters. If you have 50 people in your stream and only a handful of chatters then you are not actively hitting this 30+ requirement and you could be denied. If you are denied, it’s okay, you will have another opportunity to reapply after you have waited a period of 90 days. It is highly recommended that during this time you continue to grow your community. There could be a possibility of denial even if you are hitting your numbers as well. I have found a list from Beam of possible reasons why you might have been denied.

If you have a few slow streams, don’t fret, it won’t ruin your chances at partnership. The partnership management team understands that we all have our “off nights” here and there. All in all they are looking at your numbers to see if you are constantly growing your community. They will ignore that “off night” however on the same hand they will ignore that one “amazing night”; as I said earlier they are looking at your last 2-3 months of statistics as a whole. If you are unsure of what your statistics are you can check it out in your analytics page.

Let’s assume you have the numbers (or you will soon) to apply for partnership; do you know what the partnership management team will be doing when they “review your account”? They will actually be lurking (in incognito mode) in your channel watching you to see how you interact with your viewers, community, and stream. After the staff reviews your channel, if they think you are still partnership material they will then extend you an invitation for a voice interview with them in the partners discord. During this interview you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, it will also give the management team a better idea of you in general.

After your interview if the staff still thinks you will be a great partner with them, you can be emailed a contract for you to review and sign. Please know that the contract is a lot to read and understand so make sure you take your time and read everything. If you have questions on any part of it, you can ask any of the partner managers and they can clear up any confusion you may have. Once you have signed your contract and filled out the necessary tax information, you will be invited to the partner discord, stream team, and twitter list. As a partner Beam will offer you a portion of your subscription money, extra transcoding options not available to non-partners, a sub icon (16x16) for all your subscribers, sub emotes (24x24) that can be used across the Beam platform and across all Discord servers. You’ll also receive priority feedback and support, Beam swag, a free Beam Pro subscription for the life of your partnership, and one free Beam Pro subscription and one Channel Subscription code (for your channel) to give away or gift every single month! Beam is all about empowering their partners to do whatever they need to do to build their brand and and grow.

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