Interview With An Anim4L8U

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Hi everyone, it’s me…ANIM4L! Most of you know me as your nightly soothing voice (your words not mine), but off stream I am just a normal 30yr old husband and father of a 2 year old son with one in the oven. I just want to say thank you Kitty for the interview, I am as humbled now as I was the first day I came to your stream. It seems so long ago now even though it's only been a few months.

When you started streaming, did you have any particular goals in mind?

Yes, when I very first started streaming I was using it as ways to have fun with the gaming community that I ran. I streamed Alien Isolation or other events from my Xbox to create content for YouTube.

When I decided to focus on streaming my goal was to grow a community in the hopes of being a partner and realize the dream of being able to generate income from doing something that I was going to do anyway.

Those goals have evolved in a lot of ways in that I really want to be viewed as a leader in the community with the ability to help keep the culture positive and welcoming. Not that I can’t do that regardless of whether or not I am a partner, I absolutely can and will. That being said I am not shy in saying that the original dream is still part of the new dream, it just is not really part of the my focus anymore.

What was your motivation that kept you going when you first started streaming?

I didn’t really know a lot about streaming or what streamers were supposed to do/what to expect or anything, I just thought It would be fun. So the fact that I had anyone in my chat at all was amazing.

I played games every night so streaming them was an easy afterthought that was easy to add to the mix. I had fun and that was most important. Playing with friends helped me to not worry about view counts and empty chat etc.

When was your first stream (on each site, twitch, beam, etc) and What game did you play on your first stream?

I first started streaming back in December of 2014 through my Xbox on Twitch with Alien Isolation, but I wasn’t doing it to be a “streamer”. That was March 2016. I started on Beam Sept 1st, 2016 and it was a Starcraft night!

You’ve announced that you are going to be applying for partnership soon if not already; what did you do to prepare yourself for this? What steps did you take?

Well it was a series of things really. The first of which was making sure that I built up the Pack, which is what I call my community. I wanted to make sure they knew that I cared about them and valued them as members of the community not just as a “viewer”.

The next thing was to become part of the larger Beam community. I spent (still spend) a lot of time in other channels around Beam wanting to learn more about the culture, who was in the community and doing my best to support as many people as I could. I feel like this is crucial on Beam as it is a big part of the community culture.

I wanted to know who I was as a streamer. I feel like you can stream and be successful, but until you realize what works for you it's tough to feel like you have it all together. When you find your “voice” as a streamer it allows you to build a foundation that you can use to shape your brand and your stream.

I also recognized the need to assemble an amazing group of mods! My mods are amazing and have taken my stream to the next level. They make my stream more engaging as well as make sure all viewers are getting a safe experience. They have introduced things on their own that have become a large and fun part of the stream. I could not be more appreciative of their time or efforts. I know the stream would not be the same without them.

The last but equally important thing was to be consistent with my schedule. I feel like the only way you are going to successfully build your community is to become part of their routine. Just like you have daily habits, they have theirs. When you start to become a regular part of someone's schedule then you are doing something very right!

What are the 2 biggest tips or secrets you can give to smaller streamers who want to apply for partnership in the near future?

Know yourself and put time into getting your channel ready before you put in your application. Understand your motivations for wanting to be partner and be able communicate them. Remember, partnership is about what you can do together with Beam and not just what they can do for you. Putting time into your channel means having a description that has some degree of polish, all your links work, etc. It goes a long way to show that you have taken that time to put forth your best possible channel when being evaluated.

Don’t submit your application unless you think that you have the analytics and support to actually be a partner. Beam is going to take the time to fairly review everyone who applies and you need to respect that time by not wasting it with an application that you know is going to get rejected. If you want to let them know you are coming, tweet them or post in the forums. If you want to get feedback on what you can do to make your stream better to get to partner level, ask the current partners! Most partners don't hesitate to give you a little time and honest feedback on how you can improve.

What is your biggest fear with the whole application process?

Being denied. I know that my metrics are there, but my biggest fear is that they will look at me and tell me that I am not what they are looking for or that I am not good enough. Do I think that will happen? Of course not. Even if I were to be denied I feel like the staff here would still be supportive in their message it's part of why I love this place. But that is my biggest fear.

What’s your favorite part of being a streamer?

Interacting with the community every day. I love hanging out in other peoples streams and laughing or being scared or getting HYPE with them. Almost as much as I love hitting the button every night and getting to catch up with everyone for a few hours. Its often my second favorite part of my day behind being with my wife and son.

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