Streaming On A Budget

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When I first started streaming 3 years ago, it seemed that most streamers had amazing equipment and accessories for their setup. Green screens, 3 point lighting, blue yeti microphones with booms, Sennheiser headphones, 3+ monitors, sound mixers, dual computers, etc. I was so overwhelmed and felt so inadequate in comparison to everyone else. As a single income family with a toddler, barely making ends meet, how in the world would I be able to keep up with my new hobby of streaming?

The good news is streaming doesn’t need to be expensive in order for you to be considered to be amazing. In the same manner if you have a super expensive set up it won’t mean you will be an amazing caster either. Check out this early image of my beginning set up from November 2014. I had no green screen, no professional lighting, no fancy mic, just an old PC that barely let me run DayZ and 2 mods who were dedicated to loving and supporting me no matter what. (Thank you AutumnDoll and Malicee) Malicee may be someone I met online within my 3rd month of streaming, but I consider him to be one of my best friends and he has barely missed any of my streams in the last 3 years. He’s also been one of my biggest financial supporters and is my rock when my anxiety and depression kick in. AutumnDoll is one of my real life best friends and has let me borrow so much it’s unbelievable. After I decided I wanted to pursue streaming more she lent me her 3 point lighting kit (until I was able to afford my own) and has helped me with 95% of all my graphics and marketing. Plus, she has bought me several wigs and does all my cosplay makeup.

Talk to your friends and your viewers and see if they have certain talents; talk to them and join forces to work and grow together. Not only does it help save you both money but it’s also networking! In the end you must remember that having the best of the best won’t make you the best. You will become a better streamer because YOU invested the time and energy into your community. Streaming is about how YOU entertain and interact with your community.

I spent some time and talked to 2 of my friends on Beam; Anim4L8U and MyBoomShtick about how they started up their streams and I wanted to share that with you.

ANIM4L8U “I started streaming from my Xbox One only using the Kinect Cam and existing headset. When I started getting regulars coming and hanging out with me on a daily basis I made the decision to get the equipment to stream on PC. I set a budget for myself to get a capture card and mic about $175 altogether and went on from there. Since then I have made investments in the stream using money from birthdays & holidays in conjunction with tips from the community to make improvements. From my perspective receiving monetary support from your community helps to justify the decision to upgrade your setup. The most important thing about your stream is YOU! As long as you are solid there, the rest can be vastly improved over time.”

MyBoomShtick “One of the biggest misconceptions about streaming is what you need when just starting out. Many mistake value for quality. The most important thing you can do at the beginning, is be willing to get your voice out there, whether you have a $400 mic or a $10 mic headset. When I started, all I used was a $20 headset that I bought for my Xbox One. I also streamed through the console. When I realized how much I loved this new hobby, that's when I began upping my game and investing in higher quality equipment. The most important thing to your stream, is in fact, you! Never negate what you bring to the table just because you couldn't afford what the other person may have. Be willing to have fun, and that fun will carry over to your viewers.”

The main thing I want you to know is that you don’t need any of this stuff to succeed; but if you're curious about where and how to get exceptional deals on equipment; take a look at the deals I’ve gotten in the past and still use today! My current green screen, my Triple Kit Professional Lighting white umbrella setup, or my first ever wig I bought back on November 10, 2015.

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