How much time do you put into your stream?

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Many new streamers spend so much time on the ‘grind’. They think “I gotta stream 10 hours a day, every day, in order to be seen by others and to grow my channel.” This is just not true, especially on Beam. Sure it could help grow your followers a bit, but unless you treat your stream like a business and focus on ALL the areas of your stream, you will most likely not be successful. You might be asking yourself, well what are these other areas besides tweeting that I’m live and hitting the “start stream” button?

I’ve recently put out a tweet asking both streaming partners and non-partners how much time do they invest and where do they focus their attention to for their streams. Questions like, how much time is put aside for their stream teams, going through emails, trying to find sponsorships, marketing, networking, editing clips for YouTube, planning events, etc. Most new streamers don’t even give a second thought to these areas but they are so critical if you want to grow your stream. I know for myself I typically stream Monday - Thursday 7-10pm central time; which is 12 hours a week. I used to stream Monday through Friday but had to make the decision to cut out Fridays because I couldn’t handle to pressure and stress and needed more time to catch up on everything else. I know you might be thinking, “Kitty, you only stream 12 hours a week, how can you not handle that? Most partnered streamers stream 4-10 hours a day every day”.

What most viewers and new streamers don’t see is all the behind the scenes work that goes into streaming. I can honestly say that I put in twice as much time behind the scenes as I do while I’m live; and most all successful streamers will agree with me on this. I spend about 10-20 hours a week on my stream team, The Crusade, alone. Then again, the Crusade isn’t like most stream teams; I treat it like a 2 month class on how to improve your stream. It’s extremely time consuming but the rewards are amazing. I love seeing the transformation streamers go through while on my team. Next, I spend about 2-3 hours a week researching new games and I’m in communication with several game developers about release dates, guides, tips, and possibly keys to give away! I spend about 10 hours a week developing my twitter promotional images, (AutumnDoll spends even more time working on my stream graphics). I then spend on average 15-20 hours catching up on everyone’s discords and keeping plugged into everyone’s communities, about 2-8 hours a week working on the weekly blog depending on what the topic is, and then numerous hours trying to network and support others through their streams. This is all on top of me being a stay at home mom to a 3 ½ year old. Things get a little crazy at times as you can imagine.

I’m a firm believer that if you love something enough you will make time for it, I love streaming and I do everything I can to make sure I can continue to grow. I talked to several other streamers most all have the same dedication as I do. When I asked them how much time do they apply to their streams when they are not live; these were some of the responses:

  • “My work never stops. After the streams I put countless hours to update my artwork and network while doing commissions. I think realistically I work all day on keeping my social presence and also on my commissions, while being a mother.” QueenOfArt
  • “Easily 80+ hours are a week if I’m not in school or getting a couple hours of family time here and there. I am in from of the PC be it supporting other casters, helping community members with any issues, emailing companies for branding and so forth. So many people don't understand this is a business and it takes dedication.” Kw-Erion
  • “I spend hours writing in my stream notebook; Ideas for user interaction, social media, discord fun, find new streamers, etc” Phlog
  • “Before I started my new job; I put in about 10 hours a day” GFox
  • “From when I wake up til I go to bed I am connected to my team through my phone I am always networking, checking emails, etc. Even right now, on my "day off", I am watching discord & twitter while rolling newspapers for my fiance's work.” PixelPrincess80
  • “Constantly. When I'm not streaming or doing my housewife duties, I'm online hanging out or editing videos.” Maeka
  • “Always in the mindset when I'm not streaming, doing/thinking/editing/fixing..etc.. etc..” Lagby
  • “after every stream I dedicated at least 3 hours to Behind the Scenes stuff. So around an extra 21 hours a week.” TLoveTech
  • “I spend about 2 hours a day, not counting commissions” RocketBear
  • “It varies. Per day, I could put in 3-5hrs. I have a full time job so I have no time for me. Time off stream helps as I can catch up with vids and small projects, like My Fri/Sat off stream helps. But we all need time to relax or you’ll burnout.” Antitinkerbell
  • “I'd say I put just as much time on screen as I do off stream. Sometimes it's more one way or the other, 40+ hours/week” Murderklok
  • “At the very least, 4 hours a day. coming up with a general plan for your next stream and networking is very important!” Navi Ilivas
  • “I work a 45+ hour job then I do 40 hours streaming a week. Then I usually have 4-7 hours daily of everything else. I also write for Streamer Square” Halios00
  • “There's roughly 4 or 5 hours a day, where I'm not trying to improve my stream.” MyBoomShtick
  • “Nearly every waking moment, let’s say I have a total of 16 hours spare per week for "not working” Sataana
  • “As much as I can spare, it probably averages out to 2-3 hours a day, of prep, networking and planning.” StreamBritish
  • “I’m afraid to quantify it; outside of work and family time - every free second.” Anim4L8U
  • “Probably around 25hrs a week counting side projects and commission work.” Rival_Laura
  • “I take 1 hour before & after my stream to prep and/or take care of business behind the scenes (not counting networking).“ DoctorFu
  • “I have worked 3hrs a day into my schedule for social media. I spend another 2hrs on my stream days planning my stream.” XxZroyaxX
  • “It’s at least 1 for 1. 1 hour outside for every hour inside. Or I try to. If not then it’s 2 hours out for every hour in.” Aknotsdeath
  • “Between stream maintenance (music/overlays/SFX/GFX) social media, and networking, I'd say 25-30 hrs/week + streams. Come to think of it, this is basically a part-time job I'm doing for free!” WoodyPlaysGames

Some of these answers I was shocked at and others I really wasn’t. You can tell who puts in the quality time by the end result. The big question is… are you one of those people?

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