Beam Streaming + Xbox Experience = Match Made In Heaven

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You might have heard that the Microsoft and the Xbox teams acquired Beam back in August 2016, and with this acquisition came so much growth. As a partnered streamer on this platform who has been streaming here since Feb 2016 it’s been incredible to see Beam grow from a small site to where it is today; “officially the best gaming experience that unifies players across the Xbox One console and PC”.

When I say gaming experience, I am talking about streaming directly from your Xbox One. It’s so easy to do and there is absolutely no setup involved unlike when you stream via your PC. You don’t need to download OBS or XSplit, you don’t need to worry about green screens or anything like that. This experience is available right now on the Xbox One console and slated to come to Windows 10 PC's on April 11; many of us have been calling it one touch streaming.

As a partner on Beam I was able to test out the Beam Xbox experience a few weeks ago. The hardest part about setting up was making sure my Kinect was able to see me while I streamed Just Dance 2017 with my 3 ½ year old daughter. I learned that you don’t want to use the mic on the Kinect unless you absolutely have too. It’s really bad, I would suggest taking your hands free phone earbuds with microphone and using that at the very least. The quality will be much better than using the Kinect alone.

So you want to test this out and see if streaming is for you? Great! Let’s talk about the Beam app that should now come installed on your Xbox One with the current update. When you are ready to go live open up the game you wish to broadcast, and hit the broadcast button which is the 7th icon down from the top. Once you click on that you will see a few options where you can customize some options like microphone, camera, camera placement, chat placement, and party audio, then click Start Broadcast. It’s that easy! If you have a Beam account already you can connect it to your XBox account.

I know many people don’t have gaming PC’s or fast enough laptops but they still want to stream. I’ve talked to several viewers who say their PC is broken or too old and it just breaks my heart because everyone should experience this #BeamLove at least once. Now because of Xbox and Beam coming together this app will allow so many more people an opportunity to stream with Beam’s low latency and interactive features with their clan, team, and/or friends.

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