Interview With A Very Cranky Canuck

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I’m proud to say that I’ve known Cranky since March of 2015 and he hasn’t changed much over the years. He’s still always on spot with his honestly and sass. He’s been called the Howard Stern of Beam; and honestly I love it. When you go visit his channel you will never know what to expect and once you think you have it figured out he’ll go off on yet another wild tangent. You can follow him on Mixer, Twitter, or

Hi Cranky! Introduce yourself – What makes your stream special?

Absolutely nothing. Really when you think about it I am just an old man sitting in front of a webcam drinking coffee and talking - a lot.

Where did the username come from?

It came just after I found Twitch and I was hanging out in I believe Oshi7 and Serenity’s stream and mentioned that I was Canadian and that I was old and cranky .. someone said at that point something about being a cranky Canadian and the name was born - so to speak. I just used the nickname of Canuck for Canadian instead.

What do you call your followers? Why did you chose that name?

There is no real ‘name’ for followers but rather everyone is chat are out in left field because .. well you’ve been in our chat so I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.

What got you into gaming/talk shows/art?

After my wife passed away I found myself kind of lost and not knowing what to do with myself and one night while eating I came across Twitch and it became my escape. I was there for quite awhile but never thought of streaming until they opened their Talk Show category, which I thought I could some really interesting things around and so gathered up my courage and gave it a shot. I have never looked back.

What is the first game you remember playing?


When you started streaming, did you have any particular goals in mind?

No not really. I just wanted to be able to share my thoughts and feeling on the awesomeness that is our gaming culture and the people in it.

What was your motivation that kept you going when you first started streaming?

To produce the best and most professional content that I could and give viewer the availability of honest opinion based on years in the tech and social media fields.

When was your first stream (on each site, twitch, beam, etc) and What game did you play on your first stream?

I really suck at remembering dates but I think Twitch was January 15th 2015 and it was a late night panel show. On Beam I believe it was October, 2016 and it was Power of the Coffee morning show

What did you do to prepare yourself for partnership? What steps did you take?

I first made sure that I met all the requirements of the time, I made sure that I was producing the most professional ‘looking’ stream possible, and talked to several people - like Lagby and Antitinkerbell - before submitting the application

What are the 2 biggest tips or secrets you can give to smaller streamers who want to apply for partnership in the near future?

There are no secrets for one thing and anyone who tries to tell you there is, well they are full of shit. Tips on the other hand …. Let’s see … treasure your chat like there is tomorrow and always, always, try to produce the best and most professional stream you possibly can.

What is your biggest fear with the whole application process?

Getting accepted because then the work and obligation begin for real.

What's your favorite part of being a streamer?

My chat. Seriously - my show - would not be what it is without the chat and I love it that people take a part of their day and come and spend it with an old man and have a great time together.

What is the worst part of being a streamer?

The technology, because you never know one day to the next if something, anything, will go wrong with it.

How do you keep your viewers engaged?

I don’t know LOL.

Who was a streamer that you looked up too?

There are actually a couple:

Ducksauce - I learned a lot about streaming and dealing with chat from watching him. He can have literally 1.5K+ people in his stream and he is always interacting with chat regardless of the game. I also learned from him to never never take yourself too seriously and that at the root of it all you are nothing more than an entertainer.

Jack Lifear - I learned a lot about handling a ‘talk’ show from watching and talking with him. I also learned that you don’t always have to be ‘on’ or hyper to have an active chat and have communication.

What stream teams are you a part of?


Why did you want to join those specific teams over all the other ones available?

I am not a big believer in teams regardless of platform to be honest. I don’t see them really performing any serious function.

Can you explain to us a typical streaming day in your life? What do you do to set up for your stream? While you stream? After your stream?

Typical day? Hmm… Waking up is usually the first start and sometimes being old that can be a challenge. Really though I guess it is getting the coffee bitch to work, finishing up getting OBS ready with the overlays and backgrounds, checking emails, starting my day in Lagby’s stream.

During the stream I am constantly reading chat and talking with them as well as keeping an eye on the Mod chat area in Discord.

After the stream is when a lot of the work gets done. Everything from getting caught up with my news feeds to working on overlays if they need improving or changing on to things like marketing and talking with people looking for help.

Can you pinpoint some of the factors that you believe have made your Beam channel so popular?

My schedule is set in stone. People know that come 10:30 in the morning EST I will be live. I also think that my honesty and humor along with my willingness to talk about anything - aside from politics and religion (which are both personal and channel no go topics - is probably what keeps people coming back. I the first visit though I think it is my age - a lot of people can’t believe an old man can be streaming.

What would you say is the main thing that sets you apart from other people that stream on Beam?

There is nothing … I am just an old man having fun talking with people.

What were/are your goals for your Beam channel? How did you achieve them?

I only have one goal every single day and that is to do my best to make sure that at least one person leaves the channel with a smile on their face and a laugh in their heart. If I do that I have been successful, and really that is all I want to ever be able to do.

What is the one thing you learned from streaming on Beam that you didn’t learn streaming on Twitch?

Communities don’t have to be toxic.

Why did you leave ______ to come to Beam?

I left Twitch for personal reasons.

Who was the 1st streamer you watched on Beam? What was your initial thoughts on it?

I honestly don’t remember who was the ‘first’ but it was one of the three: LumberjackDade, LTesta or Lagby

Do you have any advice for people who are potentially looking to get into streaming/partnership?

Ask yourself why and I mean seriously ask yourself why. Make sure that your reasons aren’t just about becoming ‘famous and rich’ because trust me, the possibilities of that happening are exceedingly slim and getting slimmer all the time.

Any advice to those people who want to stream professionally?

Take your time and make sure you have everything set-up before you go live that first time. Everything from your branding to your merchandising to your overall business plan and most of all make sure you can produce the highest quality stream possible while keeping in mind that all those things are going to be something you are constantly improving wither as new opportunities arise or new technology becomes available.

Was there anything you refused to compromise on?

Audio … most people would think that video is the key but in fact while video is important as long as you have something like the Logitech c920, which really has become a kind of industry standard for streamers, you are good to go. Audio on the other hand is the real key. People might be willing to put up with mediocre video but bad audio will drive them away. Keep in mind much of the traffic these days is coming from mobile devices and many times it is the audio and chat that people are paying attention to the most.

What is the one thing that really sticks out to you that went horribly wrong in a stream? How did you overcome it?

My audio was consistently fucking up over a period of weeks and we couldn’t figure out why. I ended up changing my broadcasting software and it’s been golden since then.

What is the one thing you cannot stream without? (not your computer or parts of PC)


What's one thing that you think is important to have for your stream that improves the experience for the viewer?

Good audio and clean looking overlays. Make sure your audio is the best you can possibly make it and keep your overlays simple and informative. The K.I.S.S. principle is still very valid.

What do you see in your future on Beam?

More talk, more coffee, and more laughs and I’m good with that.

What’s your favorite brand of coffee?

Any coffee that has solid flavor. No one brand ever remains my favorite because I try so many different ones.

Anything else you would like to say?

Steaming? …. Enjoy yourself and remember you are an entertainer and you have a chance to let people enjoy themselves and get away from the day to day shit, if only for a little while. It isn’t about you - it’s about them.

Viewers? Enjoy yourselves, be entertained, support the streamers who give so much of their time and effort to try and entertain you.

Me? … BOOM! It’s all about the LPMs baby .. all about the LPMs.

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