Partnership has it’s perks!

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Most people understand that partnership is so much more than a button and a paycheck; but sometimes I feel that platforms don’t promote their partnership programs as much as they should. Everyone understands that as a partner you enter into a partnership agreement with the platform and you get a portion of the subscriber payment and emotes!

Let’s start off with the obvious stuff; partnership with Beam gives you an automatic partnership with a few companies such as (which is a site similar to YouTube) and Discord. Please remember that these automatic partnerships with other companies can change at any moment, so make sure you reach out and ask just in case. Being a partner also means that sponsors could start seeking you out instead of you constantly reaching out to them. Companies such as Keymailer,, and Woovit will give you more opportunities for free games for you to create content with. Then there is the subscriber money and all those beautiful emotes that you get to spam all over everyone’s chats and across all discord servers.

However, I feel that Beam does not promote all of the extra perks that the partners have available to us; so I want to give you a little glimpse into this highly coveted world. I feel one of the best parts of partnership with Beam is the communication directly to all staff members. The Beam partner Discord channel is a tool we use to hold us all together; all the partners have access to it and can use it as much or as little as they want. Inside of this Discord channel we can see all sorts of sneak peaks of spoilers. We also know all of the new partners several days before they announce partnership to their communities and we have a small hype party for each and everyone of them. Then we have a positive affirmation room that we all post funny and uplifting stuff in. There is a partner to partner support chat where we help each other out with streaming issues or questions, and even a panic room for when the shit hits the fan! I really enjoy the fact that even though I cannot be there for some partners streams when they are live, I can still catch up with them in the partner Discord channel.

I absolutely love the partner Discord server as the communication with between the partners and the staff is usually very fast and very helpful. It’s really helpful to be able to tag Graph or Matt with a direct question about Beam. Since we are talking about communication I really want to talk about another big perk we have on Beam; Partner Managers! Right now the current managers we have are Ethan Rothamel, WesWilson, MKtheWorst and Prestonality (previously known as Murderklok). Then we have Graphoniac who carefully overwatches all of them. I have been told that partners on other streaming sites do not have partner managers and I think it's a shame because I think this is the most unique and helpful perk available to us.

Ethan is my partner manager or PM as we call them. You might ask what is a PM? What do they do? Well all partners are assigned a specific manager to help make sure that all of the communication between Beam and the partner is as smooth and easy as possible. They help encourage us not only on Beam, but on Twitter and Discord as well. They connect up with us and follow up with us if there are issues going on. They are our go to person for most anything dealing with Beam. I asked Ethan what a typical day in the life of a PM is like and this is what he said:

“First thing I usually do is see if there are any outstanding issues with my partners, if there are I handle them first and/or get the ball rolling with the right developer. Then I monitor twitter to make sure questions are getting answered and we are tweeting. Usually, I have 2-6 meetings a day regarding operations, partner meetings, interviews, or status updates. I try to pop into streams when I can but this can prove to be difficult as sometimes you are busy from the moment you sit down at your desk till the moment you leave. I am a bit more involved in marketing cause my background is that so I tend to have many get togethers and strategy brainstorms on that.

ALSO I attend events and educate people about Beam as well as make our presence known. That is the gist. Partner tickets and questions come in almost constantly as well.”

Outside of the Discord channel and Partner Managers, there are several other perks partners receive as well. Our support tickets that we send in are escalated in priority and we are responded back to within minutes to a few hours depending on how busy they are. We are able to test and bug report new features days to weeks before even Beam Pro users get to test it out. Beam also sends us wonderful swag such as t-shirts, mouse pads, pens, post it notes, USB slap bracelets, portable phone chargers, and the ever coveted hoodies with our names on them! Another recent perk that TLoveTech has started is called the Partner Overrun Overwatch Streams that happen every few months! This is when most of the partners get together for several hours and stream simultaneously a huge Overwatch game to see who is the best of the best. A smaller and overlooked perk is that we are allowed to be in 4 stream teams which includes the Beam Partners team! Lastly, the most recent perk that just last week was released to all partners, who are in good standing with Beam, is that they will now be eligible to have their streams promoted directly in the Xbox Community Calendar App and maybe even on the Xbox One Dashboard itself!

Since teaming up with Xbox the Beam staff has been working very hard to get several unique perks for all the partners and as Graph says, “The next several months will be amazing”.

I asked a few of my friends who are partners on Beam what they thought was the best part of partnership was and this is what they said:

“Opportunity to meet other partners outside of streams” PixelPrincess80

“Knowing that Beam truly cares not about their partners but Beam as a whole. Also that they value our opinions as partners” Kiwi21Mango

“Being of value to the platform” Sataana

“Getting to test and bug squash new features for the platform so everything runs smoothly before launch! #PowerToThePeople” Navi

“Having access to the people that make really amazing things happen. The communication with other partners is my favorite perk.” Fijoli

“Being apart of something great is a massive plus to me #BeamLove but the communication between all partners and staff is amazing” Nozzabox

“Having the best opportunity in the world of streaming! Being recognized for the great community we rep!” AntiTinkerbell

“I think for me the best perk is to be able to voice everyone's concern and vice versa. Being able to confidently say ‘they listen’ “ QueenOfArt

I truly believe that most anyone can be the partner with Beam if you put in enough effort, time, dedication, and passion into your streams and community. Don't feel that you have to stream 10 hours a day every single day to be noticed. I stream only 3 hours a day for 4 days a week and they noticed me, it's about what you give to others #BeamLove #BeamFamily. If you are interested in finding out more about partnership you can click here and if you feel you are ready to apply for a partnership you can click here. Each week Beam is adding so many new partners I cannot wait for the day that we can celebrate your partnership with Beam together in the partner discord.

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