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One thing that Beam is famous for is their #BeamLove and #BeamFamily. If you aren’t sure of what I am talking about you can read about it here in my blog. To sum it up; most everyone on Beam truly loves to help everyone else out; especially the Partners. So many of us have held talk shows just for answering your questions about Beam, streaming, setting up your bots, how to network, and all those nitty gritty questions. Here is one stream I did several months ago from a series called ‘You_haz_Questions? Kitty_haz_Answers!’. These were some of my biggest streams I ever had, and several other streamers started doing the same thing. It was wonderful to see all the partners joining together to help inform our communities in the finer points of streaming.

Before the acquisition of Beam with Microsoft/XBox if you tweeted out to Beam they typically responded within a few hours and it was a wonderful thing. It didn’t matter if you needed encouragement, brag about a stream you had, or even just ask a question. They typically responded to most of their tweets. However, since the acquisition there has been a huge influx of both viewers and streamers and also in the amount of tweets to Mixer. I can’t blame Beam for not being able to respond back as much as they used to, and to be honest I kinda miss it. It made me feel special when they would respond back to me, like I mattered to them as a streamer and/or viewer.

I have always had a passion for helping smaller streamers and try do as much as I possibly can; however being a mom, wife, and then a streamer; time is very limited and precious to me. So, I was trying to think of new ways I can help the community with my limited time and thought; I know so many people work, go to school, sleep, have families, stream, etc.. time is very limited for most people. What would the easiest and fastest way to ask a question and get a response? My first thought was either Discord or Twitter; but I feel that the Mixer Community Discord moves too fast and unless you want to scroll up pages and pages you will miss a lot of what is going on, and if we miss questions that isn’t being very helpful to the community.

After another day of thinking, I ended up creating a hashtag on Twitter that wasn’t already being used called #AskABeamPartner. I told a few other partnered friends about my idea and trying to help take some of the pressure off of the Beam Staff and stepping up to help answer questions whenever we could. It only takes a few minutes to click on a hashtag and answer a question or two, so why not? We all have 2-3 minutes we can spare during the day. The hashtag took off like crazy! So many people were asking questions and so many partners were jumping on board to help answer questions. It was amazing to see the Beam community come together again and helping each other out. It was as if the old #BeamLove was coming back again.

So if you have any sort of question related to Beam, partnership, streaming, networking, graphics, computers, anything really. Use that hashtag, there are at least 30 partners, myself included, waiting to help you out.

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