Do It Afraid!

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With the help of Anxiety Gaming I was able to afford to go see my therapist last week. We had a long talk about everything going on in my streaming world. I told her of an event that I have planned coming up and how even though I’ve been streaming for 3+ years, a partner with Beam for over 1 year, I still get nervous before each and every stream. I’m having severe anxiety attacks about it. She told me something that I never heard or thought of before: “Do It Afraid”.

We sat in silence for about 4 minutes and my mind was racing with this simple thought; ‘Do It Afraid’. What did this mean? How can I apply it? How come I never thought about this before? Could it really be that easy? My mind was exploding with thoughts and running with ideas it was so hard to focus for the rest of the therapy session.

I am a person who is easily overwhelmed and my anxiety runs high often, so anything that I don’t know yet, or isn’t a part of my normal day to day routine, scares me. However, I know that fear itself helps guide us and makes our lives exciting and eventful. They say, "Your largest fear carries your greatest growth” and “Don’t let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen”. I thought about it and it’s 100% true; can you think back to your first stream? I know I was so worked up and scared I threw up before my stream. In the end it ended up just being me and NightBot the whole time but it was still a scary experience. If I would have quit after that stream 3+ years ago, I wouldn’t have made partnership here on Beam, I wouldn’t have the amazing community I have, and I wouldn’t have a new bunch of friends, 2 new best friends or you here reading my thoughts and advice.

As streamers we need to constantly be evolving with the times and changing to keep up with technology, the platform, and our communities. Yes, some of it will be scary, some might even make you question yourself as a streamer… but I suggest to try it once. At the very least you can say ‘Hey, I tried it!’ You just never know what can and will work for you until you it afraid.



Never miss another blog post again! Click here, to be emailed when a new blog is released!