Beam's Rebranding To Mixer

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Last week we all went through a HUGE change on Beam, at exactly 6:00 am pacific/8:00 am central, when you refreshed the Beam streaming platform website; it suddenly said “Mixer” with a new logo, bots, colors, and layout. I recorded this transition if you wanted to see it. With Mixer came big changes to nearly everything, and emotions were all over the place. The biggest questions we heard over and over were: Why Mixer? What was wrong with Beam? Why is my name purple?

Matt released this article last week Thursday, when the transition happened. When asked about why the staff decided to change the name from Beam to Mixer, Matt replied with, “This was a tough decision, and not one that we made lightly. But, it was something that we decided on as a team. We believe so much in the power of the platform and want to grow it in every major market around the world. Unfortunately, that wasn’t something we could do with the Beam name. We chose Mixer as our new name because it represents what we love most about the service….how it brings people together.” I remember hearing MKtheWorst using the term “The Merge” for the letter X in Mixer and thought it was just so fitting with what Mixer stands for as a platform. Bringing Xbox & PC streaming together, and now adding in co-streaming and mobile streaming we are truly merging all areas of streaming into one area.

Yes, I said co-streaming and mobile streaming! Co-streaming is such a unique service that I’ve only seen on Mixer. This process involves the main streamer sending out an invite out to up to 3 streamers (so 4 in total can co-stream together) and combining everything into 1 big stream. The main streamer has full control over how the co-stream appears to the viewers. Maybe a vertical setup would be best or maybe a horizontal setup would be best, there are 4 or 5 different options available to you at the current moment. When I say it combines everything into one stream, I truly mean everything; chat, mods and viewers. It’s a little weird at first seeing both peoples chat merged into one, but in the end you know who your regulars are and who is talking to you and who isn’t. I think the biggest issue that happens with co-streaming that most people don’t think about is the moderators. Since everything is combined that means your moderators will be as well. Make sure all the streamers involved in the co-stream are on the same page about the chat rules, for example calling someone a bitch in most people’s chats would give you an instant ban from the moderators but saying it in my channel it’s viewed as a compliment. Lastly, the viewer count is combined, which is going to be amazing in helping streamers network easier!

Then we have mobile streaming via the Mixer create app; the Beta is out for everyone on Android and will be out soon to everyone on the Apple store. They even used a few images of me for the Apple Store. I did a test stream via mobile and it was beautiful. I honestly am so excited about FTL coming to mobile this summer and all the updates that will be coming to mobile as well. I can’t say what they are but trust me when I say I’m truly excited about these updates!

The Mixer staff has not forgotten the people who helped make this platform a home, they have not and will never forget the #BeamLove and because of this they created the Founders Program and depending on what level you are you are awarded special perks and gifts. If you are a level 10 or higher as of May 24th, 2017 you will receive one free subscription code to any Mixer partner for a single month ($5.99 value) with no expiration date along with a Beam “OG” gold badge on your channel profile page. If you are a level 50+ as of May 24th, 2017 the Mixer staff have automatically given you 50,000 sparks to use on interactive streams, and 1 year of Mixer Pro for free ($95.88 value).

You might have also noticed a few really cute ”bots” hanging around Mixer. Let me introduce you to SparkBot, HugBot, Hypebot, RadBot, DevBot , BorkBot, and CatBot. Each bot will have a unique purpose in helping both viewers and streamers figure out the new site and redirect people as needed. These bots will be introduced slowly over time so we won’t be overwhelmed with them. Sparkbot is the one floating like a cloud, Hypebot is the red one with a triangular head and you probably already saw him announcing your followers and hosts in your Mixer chats. Then Hugbot is the little monkey like one sending out what used to be the #BeamLove and now is called the #MixerMagic. Radbot is the big green one and he is there to help the partners, and Devbot is the blue one and he is there to assist the developers of the community. The last two bots would be Borkbot, he’s yellow and part of his chest is falling off and Catbot which stands for Community Action Team. We all know why it’s a purple cat too... coughs and looks in JadedCat’s direction

Even though all these amazing things were going on several people weren’t happy with the change, and it’s okay that they felt that way. Most people just thought it was “a stupid name” but others had valid reasons for how they felt. I’ll be honest with you, when I first heard Mixer from my partner manager Ethan Rommel my initial thought was “like a Martini mixer?” which made him chuckle. I really wasn’t liking the name Mixer at first, however after a few days the name ‘Mixer’ was starting to grow on me, and today I really like the name change. I asked a few other streamers what their thoughts were on the whole rebranding and I wanted to share their thoughts with you.

Nick: “After being on Beam for over 2 years, the rebranding was a big surprise. At first the change wasn't very smooth, and a lot of people didn't really seem to understand why Beam became Mixer... I didn't like it at first, I felt the name didn't sound as nice as "I stream on Beam". After I streamed a couple hours after the announcement and talking with viewers about why it happened I started to understand more and more that the change was needed in order for Beam/Mixer to succeed in the long run.”

FieldersChoice: "For a relatively new streamer like myself, Mixer’s new features like co-streaming will be a huge help in connecting to an audience. Now if someone wants to stream a game together with friends, they can with ease without having to be an expert on a variety of other pieces of software. It's easy, user friendly drop down menu and off you go! Mixer? Yeah, the name is new but it fits. Streamers come from various backgrounds and different walks of life, we truly are a mixed bag when you think about it. On any given day you can watch people playing games, playing instruments, reading out loud some of their favorite books, cooking demos, or even doing art in various forms.”

Gfox didn’t say a word about the rebranding but I think he explained it perfectly in 14 seconds.

If you want to read more about people’s reactions to this you can follow the tweet on my Twitter

There is so much more going on with Mixer & Xbox that I didn’t even touch on yet; but I know you might be thinking that you’ll have to fix all your profiles, merchandise, panels, bots, etc and while that will be time consuming Mixer tried to make your transition easier for you. I’ve included a bunch of links to help you get started on your transition from Beam to Mixer.

Intro to Mixer
New Twitter
Branding Kit

Important note that everyone should know about Mixer's branding kit and it states this on the github site, “You cannot use Mixer’s logos or assets to display yourself as an employee or official representing Mixer. You cannot use our logos or assets for commercial purposes (i.e., merchandising). You may not modify the logos or assets in any way (distorting, changing colors, incorporating into your own branding, etc).”

Lastly, be on the lookout for Mixer’s ads everywhere. They showcased several of them during the announcement meeting and I have 3 of them that were officially released to the public. The new tagline Mixer is going with and I think is very creative is: If you didn’t stream it; it didn’t happen.

Cat ad
Double rainbow ad
Golfing ad

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